Everyday FITNESS
- Applicable to you too, my friend.


I dont know why – but people have always had a habit of STARING at me more than others.

Or “noticing” – maybe one reason is the culture I grew up in didnt ostracize staring near as much as it should – its rude, I hate it, but that wasn’t the culture I grew up in (that culture still doesnt mind it).

In the West, you and I would hate it, but you know how it is – some people you never forget.

It doesnt hurt I’ve got a face that would “stand out in a crowd” – from either angle.

When I’m fat, I look terrible (at least according to me, girls aren’t the point here! They claim “it looks good”, but nah, I disagree) – when I’m fit – I look like a movie star x 10.

And so on and so forth, and of course, my thinking doesnt hurt either.

None of the above is to promote, Tom Tom, criticize or anything, ’tis fact Jack.

These days, I keep feeling people staring “indirectly” at me.

You know how it is, when you’re fat, when you’re not fit, you dont feel good internally, people pick that up, and jackasses pounce on it… when it’s the opposite, the opposite happens.

RESPECT is given even if you dont ask for it – fitness is always part of the overall “confidence equation”, and not bulging biceps, the corrugated core and “animal like movement and flexibility” is what really counts, my friend.

You that have it know what I mean, you that dont wants it, and so on and so forth.


I often fall down into the splits and stand back up while waiting to pick up my daughter from the bus stand.

This morning, I simply dropped down into a squat to tie my shoe lace, and people were staring at me – because I did it on one leg.

Not because I wanted to show off, it just came naturally, much like a lot of the dancer leg lifts I keep doing come.

My wife claims it’s to “intimidate”.


Nothing could be further from the truth.

Cats do it all the time, and given the fact most people can barely tell when I enter a room or leave it, well, I must be doing something right?

But point here is everyday fitness.

For most people – indeed myself, I remember when tying shoelaces was a chore – I was worried about the belt buckle popping off if I bent down too far!

Sound familiar – well, it probably will if you’re FAT and reading this …

It’s about everyday movement, fitness, most people claim “I train like a pro”, but here is the real deal and why I’m writing this.

I’m a businessman.

I’m a writer, I’m many other things.

But I ain’t no UFC fighter, boxer, swimmer, or martial artist (well, not really, though I Do know a bit) – that I’ve often been compared to for my training routines.

I’m just your average, every day dude that looks better than a lot of movie stars out there – and I’m certainly a hell of a lot fitter and functionally stronger than the “bellies” I see around me all day – both male and female.

I feel a heck of a lot better.

I’m not worried about the next time I’ll fall sick, or “the next time I wont eat and how it will affect me”, or diets, or other crap, or nonsense like the “gym is closed, I can’t train” and so on and so forth.

I live life in the flow, unlike most people.

I find a way – unlike most people.

But bottom line, I’m the average guy “physically” – in fact, I’m not even a big guy, never have been.

Yet, I can do things guys far bigger and so called stronger cannot…

Point is this, if I can do it, so can YOU, my friend.

And while the courses linked above are key to turning YOU, that isn’t necessarily interested in being a UFC champ for one into a fitness machine – really, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is where you need to start, and keep with you your entire life, it will never fail or disappoint.

End of the day, thats what all this is about – getting YOU in the best shape possible, right?

You, the average Joe or Jane, much like yours truly minus the cave.

If I can do it – I have done it – then so can YOU.

Start NOW, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Keys to animal like flexibility are HERE (and believe me, you wont find this info elsewhere, but more importantly, you’ll discover a NEW YOU with each stretch – literally. Living life “tight” and as a cat – world of difference, trust me on this one!!)

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And for those interested, this great series is available in compilation format as well.

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