Yet another reason most fitness programs get it WRONG.
- Ticker, my friend!

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The old man next door just passed away, my wife informed me.

He was a nice old man, I never spoke to him much – not because I didnt want to, but just happened that way, but I often converse with his son – whose young son unfortunately “departed” a while back too.


But in the case of the old man from what I understand, it’s a ticker issue – heart attack.

Good news, he didnt suffer.

He just passed away- and when you progress to advanced years, thats all you can ask for …

Or is it?

Most people think getting old means unfit and infirm, unable to bend down, pick things up, unable to perform the most basic of tasks for themselves, and is it any surprise lots of people, the majority of people live out what should be their glory, their golden “ride off into the sunset” years that way?

I sure dont plan on going anytime soon, and I plan on UPPING my fitness levels so that when I’m 90, I can better Clint Eastwood’s one arm pushups.

And that brings me to my central point, not so much pushups alone, but how pushups are one of the best things you can do for your overall health, fitness and conditioning and strength, but also HEART HEALTH!

Let me tell you, if you do pushups right, its nigh impossible to have a weak heart or circulatory issues.

If you mix in deep breathing like I tell you, inhale DEEPLY ON the way down, exhale on the way up, and keep that up through your workout, you’ll feel your heart work like it never has before with so called “strength” exercises.

You’ll huff, puff and sweat – more so than with pull-ups – though in a different manner, pull-ups do it too.

And this huffing and puffing is what not allows you to blow the house down, but get in better HEALTH overall.

My resting pulse rate – I last took it years ago, it was around 55 something, I remember everyone being nigh shocked since it was “athlete” levels.

But with so many heart issues around, and it affecting people at young ages – this is what most fitness programs get wrong.

THey’ll focus on strength – or conditioning – or long drawn out routines at the gym – all of which not necessarily bad, though sure not the best way.

But NONE of them, virtually none of the most popular ones focus on BREATHING – WHILE WORKING OUT!

Deep breathing, my friend, is the hidden key to super strength and health gains.

If you want a big chest, much like with the abs – you tax them from the inside out, and drawing in deep inhales of air the way you were meant to is the way to do it my friend.

You never hear most fitness programs tell you about deep breathing with EACH repetition, an almost fanatical focus on it to the point people in the other room know when I start to exercise.

but thats a good thing.

It’s something YOU should do too.

It keeps me in super shape from the inside out.

And it’ll do that to you too.

Thats what I dont get about most so called popular programs, or of course, I do.

They’re not designed to get you in the best shape of your life.

They’re designed to keep you coming back for more, like gyms, make the creator more money.

I guess from a certain angle that is smart biz, but I dont see it that way.

I’d rather you get the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and never have a need for a similar program again – then you progress to advanced.

It ain’t about the moola.

It’s about getting you in the best shape of your life, its about FITNESS, thats why I started this business years ago, thats why I keep going with it, not just because I’m passionate about it myself, but because it matters to you, and I’m going to keep doing what I can – and have – to bring the VERY BEST to you fitness wise.

Back to the kindly old man, I’ve no idea if he had a weak heart, but I think he wasn’t being seen much around the block and such as of late, so perhaps health was a concern.

I dont know.

May he rest in peace.

And to all of you, remember, live each day with gusto – vim, – VIGOR and gumption like you were meant to.

Breathe in, breathe out, do so deeply as you did when you were a baby, and you’ll find wondrous roads open up to you in ways you never fathomed before.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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