Knuckle pushups VS fingertip pushups
- Jury's out - or not really! Hehe.

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Two of the most talked about pushups – at least if you’re into REAL training, martial arts and such?

Definitely the knuckle pushup – and then the fingertip pushup.

Both have their benefits, but I lean FIRMLY towards the latter.

And from the horse’s mouth, readers of the book – specifically a “tough as nails” ex cop from NYC had THIS to say about the latter –

(I’m paraphrasing, but his verbatim words have been posted many times here)

Our karate instructor used to make us do them on our knuckles, but your fingertip pushups are FAR harder to do!

I then asked him how many he could do, that he should work up to 25, and he said “he wasn’t as good as me”.

That was then, I’m sure Charles has been hitting it HARD – have you my friend?

Long time no hear,write back, let me know.

Anyway, first off all- well, we took a short video on it. The daughter was jumping up and down about tiger bend pushups “you’re stalking!” she keeps saying – so it looks if you do it right, but this video doesn’t show tiger bends.

Thats an advanced exercise – hey, wait – knuckle and fingertip are too advanced for most people, ex martial artists included!

So I figured we’ll work up to things – I threw a “half tiger bend” in there, but only because the daugher was HOLLERING, hehe.

But I’ll do a proper video on that one later, it deserves it.

For now – well, first off, the video –

For those of you that like to READ, as opposed to watch videos, yours truly falls into that category, so for me?

Look, knuckle pushups are great.

If you make a fist tight enough (and you should) they do tax the forearms some, but NOWHERE near what fingertip pushups do in proper form.

And you can’t take knuckles away to make it harder either …

I’ll take the fingertip pushup anyday – leverage is another reason, the knuckle pushup is basically another “forearm taxing” version of the regular pushup, the fingertip  pushup is an entirely different beast.

Pushup Central covers these in detail, for now, remember, and especially when youre fatigued, make sure there is no slack in the fingers while doing these (and the wrist while doing knuckle pushups) unless you want a nasty ass injury.

The rest is covered in the video … after we took a LOT of the daugher’s basketball class in the form of “shorts”. All great fun, and bedlam.

I pity the teacher, and remember my school (teaching at school) days where the “most fun” part was lifting the kids up to do pull-ups with me. Hehe. I’ll see if I can find the pictures or videos somewhere around for that one!

(Instagram does have me teaching them kids of course, but I haven’t been able to find the “pull-up” section as yet. Will do soon!)

And last, but not least, with all the pumping, preening and posing going on around me as of late, hey, the review for the Sly movie The Specialist comes to mind. (1999 I think?)

Puffed and buffed, preening and posing, the stars move … wait a minute, lets see if I can find the actual review, it was hilarious!

‘The Specialist’ (R)
By Hal Hinson
Washington Post Staff Writer
October 08, 1994

Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Stone and Stallone. Stallone and Stone.

Say it loud and there’s music playing. Say it soft and it’s almost like praying. Say it till you’re blue in the face, and it still won’t change the fact that “The Specialist” is obnoxious, narcissistic tripe.

Actually, with all the preening, posing and stretching, it’s hard to know if “The Specialist” is an action movie or an exercise video. Or a porn movie without the sex. Fit, trim and tanned to a luscious shade of gold, the stars offer their bodies to the camera as if they were contestants in a bodybuilding competition. And so entranced are they with their own smashing physiques that you half-expect them to burst into a rendition of “I Feel Pretty.”

The plot is, well, a plot — he’s a demolition expert she hires to avenge her parents’ death. The filmmakers, who include director Luis Llosa, don’t seem to care about it, and certainly we don’t, so why don’t we just skip it.

The picture stars, in addition to the headliners, Rod Steiger, Eric Roberts and James Woods, who rise collectively to about the same level of awful. About the only plus is that at least Woods doesn’t take off his clothes.

I kinda agree with ole Hal, hehe.

And it kinda sums up why I hate doing these silly shirtless pics most guys love, hey, look, bud, if you’re in good shape it’ll show, if not, that will show too – PERIOD.

You can’t hide these thangs, not from the discerning eye especially!

But either way, with all the puffing, buffing, big arms going on, I thought I’d add in a bit of my own –

And thats how I prefer it, lean, mean, FIGHTING MACHINE!

(and the landlady never bought me a computer desk, so I did what I had to do with Madam’s make up station. DONT get me started, damn long story this! Hehe).

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ain’t no company like Toshiba, I’ll say THAT!

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