More on INTERNAL cleanliness
- And it means something!

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Remember what Farmer Burns wrote about in the Lessons of Physical Culture and Wrestling – or was that the other way around. I keep getting it the other way around, the title – but then again, given a good wrestler must first and foremost be a good PHYSICAL culturist, I do not think I am wrong!

That was written in 1914. Those words hold as true today as they did back then.

People need to hear it – MORE – now than they did back then!

Quite literally, with how fake society has become …

I’ve written about this before, of course.

Simply because you’re all decked up and “parfumed up” (pun intended, as well as Taipo) … simply because you have spiffy new clothes and the best hair do – and so forth -all of it comes to nigh NAUGHT without the right internal cleanliness.

If you’re bloated and constipated, for one, from years of terrible eating, stuffing junk down your gullet, doing little or no real exercises, or simply – eating too much – or whatever reason, all the clothes in the world wont hide that fact.

And neither will they stop those nasty farts and burbles in the tummy – at the most inopportune times, my friend.

you that IS in that situation knows what I mean, those sudden “I gotta go” moments right when you dont need or expect them – such as perhaps when in a meeting with a cranky bear of a boss, hehe.

Anyway …

Perhaps even more important than THAT?

Well, the mental outlook.

If your THINKING is off, chances are your fitness is too.

And you can never improve – truly improve – the latter, or your life, for that matter, without the former.

If you’re constantly judging others, looking for excuses to fight, belittle, demean and so forth (and believe me, many people are this way) (and note – this shouldn’t be confused for calling a spade a spade) – then chances are your life, business, fitness, none of it is where it needs to be or where you’d want to it to be – same thing for if you’re a HYPOCRITE which 90% of the world seems to be specializing in, with numbers growing, with only a few “true blue fanatics” stopping the spread of the DISEASE.

“You’re the DISEASE – and I’m the CURE!” (Sly, Cobra, 1984… Hehe) – Classic!

I never did get around to owning the blue aviators Sly sported in that movie, but I came close with blue and black ones. Hehe. Not Ray Bans though, but for some reason, the green eyes I sport so often, including while doing squats for Squat 101 – I love those too much (yes Alan!).

Anyway – getting back to it …

Here is what one of our best affiliates ever, a certain Paula sent in this morning –

What must I do Mike? Because I have asked for my edition problem with the
forum in wordpress, but I have had the next answer, and after read it, I think
that wordpress does not like my page. What do you think? I am thinking that
they are saying that they are going to mark a “fleur de liz” on my shoulder like
Athos’ wife in “The three musketeers”. I feel fear. Please tell me something.
Perhaps we are very bad people that stinks, doesn’t matter that we put on us
the best and expensive perfumes and we are the cleanest people that exist
in the world.
<wordpress TOS link>

Par suit: You can call me since now, not Madam, not Lady, but Milady “Countess de la Fére”.

And no, she ain’t Nazi feminist either. There is a reason for the last request, and it aint necessarily what “Cody”, a girl I knew a couple of years ago wanted either.

She was someone who just wouldn’t let go – of her demand of me to send her SHIRTLESS pictures, which I hate doing, but have done in the past, not for women, but for my book, then my wife bitched about me doing “porn movies” (huh???) so I let that one go … But really, those fitness vests I wear in the video dont leave much to the imagination!

I dont know why, I used to be nervous as hell when I was fat and asked to take my shirt off at the beach (man boobs) – although the women didnt mind.

But now, that I’m in super shape?

I’m probably even more reticent to, as a great customer rightly put it “make a show of myself” (or spectacle).

Not that it would be.

I’ve written about in “16 Inspirational FItness Recollections” how I’d often climb the hill for hours shirtless, but that was there, in an environment everyone did it, the Chinese do a lot of things differently, including the “midriff” bare which looks strange – and downright awful if you’re fat (think about shirt till chest, and belly hanging out, and then pants) – but it allows the core to BREATHE, which during those workouts is crucial (remember, many a person fainted on that damn hill!!).

But anyway, Cody wanted it for … well, I’ll let yall guess.

She even showed her husband, if you can believe that.

And if you can believe it, he … well, lets just say Glyn and him would make a perfect couple with Cody wanting to be called “Empress” – true story! – and the two of them servile and submissive “in ass” as it were.

Anyway, this lady wants to be called what she does for another reason.

She is promoting our stuff, or – my erotica on another site, and she is by far the best affiliate, or translator, or both, I’ve ever had for ANY of my businesses.

I cannot praise her enough!

And she’s building her own site, asked WordPress for support, and well …

And of course, the bit about the mind, the mindset.

Hi Countess (???? ),

Thanks for the three emails – first off, thanks for the video link -they keep getting better and better and BETTER! I love how you put your personal comments in red in the <chopped> video, as well as what you are saying, of course at the end …

I love the “Countess de la Fére” part too, hehe. You know, I read the Wikipedia entry on her –

She is described as being 22 years old, tall, fair-haired and uncommonly beautiful, with brilliant blue eyes and black lashes and brows, Milady possesses a voice that can seduce and bewitch.[1]

A capable and intelligent French spy who effortlessly can pass as a native Englishwoman,[2] Milady’s beautiful exterior hides a diabolically cunning, manipulative, ruthless and cruel interior; she is remorseless and unrepentant for her countless “misdeeds” and often described as appearing demonic and frighteningly ugly in the instant when she is thwarted in her aims. She is a classic example of a femme fatale.

Milady later is revealed to be the wife of Athos, originally the Comte de la Fère, one of the three musketeers of the novel’s title.

This could be me, if you reverse the genders, etc  … Hehe.

Anyway, that reminded me of a certain lady “Cody” – who preferred being called “Empress“. Hehe. The first thing this lovely lady did upon meeting me was want my “bare chested” photo – and she even showed it to her husband, if you can believe that! “because she wanted to see”. Chinese girls, truly LOVELY – Haha.

Anyway, Countess – getting back to it – the website looks GREAT! I love the way you’re setting up – I’d recommend putting more text on it (which you are, obviously – I saw the “why” part below the pictures) – but the way it’s set up is great – I’d also recommend linking the pictures i.e. right now you have your links beneath the pics which is fine, but some people may just directly click the pictures – a lot of people do, so that might be worth a try.

Haha, I know what you mean by people putting on expensive perfumes etc and thinking “that is all we need to do”, and acting all prim and proper, high and mighty etc “in society” – while behind closed doors, these people have all the same fantasies and more, except because they do not have the freedom to or do not WANT the freedom to (I’m a huge believer in if one truly wants something, one will eventually get it) indulge in those fetishes safely – well- that is why in countries like India there is so much violence against women for one, so much “male frustration” etc … all this from the land that produced the Kamasutra, if you can believe that!

Or, the subcontinent in general, China – and Asia in general other than that part has improved vastly in that regard …

I run a fitness site as you might have guessed from reading “<chopped>” and some of my other books – and I say the same thing there, simply because someone puts on fancy clothes and perfume etc doesnt mean they’re “clean” – internally, they’re often dirtier than the laborers who sweat outside everyday and exercise a lot, thereby ridding their body of internal toxins! Hehe. But it’s true. . .

So back to your website – what was the issue with it, ie. why did you contact support? I saw this part “Because I have asked for my edition problem with theforum in wordpress, ” – but not sure what you meant there – please let me know, and I’ll do my best to help out.

The problem with hosting on is this, Paula – the service is free, but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for – even your content is pretty much “owned by WordPress” (if you read their TOS). So their support etc … it all depends upon “if they support mature content” or not … it’s allowed, yes, but whether or not they provide tech support for mature content is another story!

Let me know what the exact issue is, I’ll do my best to help.

Anyway, that email on the other site ended up being over 3000 words long, the one to Paula long as well, since its a day for long emails, well, hell –

Who knows this may help, but maybe someone!

Have you ever considered purchasing your own domain name Paula? That might be a good step, that way, you’re free of – and you can build/host your own site (using wordpress software) wherever you want … without many of the “terms and conditions” and restrictions that come with (such as you cannot access your HTML Code directly, I believe, on sites) …

In other words, to put it plainly with they can take your site down at any time – or stop providing support etc since it’s “mature content”. I’m not saying they will, but that chance is there, no matter how remote – since you are doing this for the long term obviously, that is something you should be aware of.

For you, I think the best route to go would be to get your own domain name and then do what you are doing right NOW i.e. build your own website – but on a hosting platform where you are “free” and not bound by excessive terms and conditions if that makes sense – not to mention, sites are sometimes not that great for SEO (although this is not set in stone – it all ultimately comes down to content and performance).

These sort of websites are best hosted on platforms that either outright allow or tolerate adult content, is not one of them unfortunately.

Of course, dedicated adult web hosting would not be free – you know this already – that is actually one of my “side businesses” i.e. I develop websites and host them for clients …but, I think long term that would be the best way for you go …

In your case, if you did decide to go down that route – I have servers where you could host your website, keep building it yourself as you see fit, and of course, I’d be happy to help out with “technical questions” as I am now – obviously no constraints there! : ) With regard to cost etc, we could always work out an agreement … I would be happy to get you “started” for free, even, if that is a route you choose to go down … (of course, we would need to discuss it, make a plan etc, thats business – but you have that option – please know I am more than willing and happy to help you with web hosting and that sort of thing if need be).

(it would still be YOUR site, YOU would have full control over it (and therefore responsibility etc), I would not even have the password – I would simply be doing what does – just so you understand. Hehe ).

(But, I can provide some pretty good infrastructure for you to host on – I know, because I spent months building it for all my websites! Haha).

Just putting it out there – I think that would be the very best way for you to go – – but if you feel is a better alternative “for now” (until you start to make sales) then that is not necessarily a bad decision either, but yes, you’ll be operating per their constraints obviously…

Let me know if all of this makes sense, and we can go from there.

And thats that.

I can think of at least 10 people right off the bat who this would help. And no, we ain’t talking adult businesses there either …

Anyway – clean thy MIND first is the lesson herein, all else flows from there.

(and yes, I rarely do web dev for clients unless I’m paid damn well – disclaimer – I’m only doing it right now for people like her who truly deserve my knowledge and skills in that regard so before some idiot approaches me with “do it for cheap” – please – it aint happening).

And if you haven’t jumped aboard the 0 Excuses Fitness System “train” as yet – do so now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I normally reserve the long emails like this for the Ship – so if you WANT more nigh EXCLUSIVE stuff – you will have to SIGN UP.

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