“Strong Arms Bro” from a “crazy brother”. hehe.
- Hey, Ben - we love ya!

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I was going to write about this later. Honestly, we’ve been so busy as of late I run the risk of repeating what happened in 2021 i.e. I was literally too busy to even workout like I normally do, really push it – and it showed.

No, I was obviously not fat, but I was slipping w.r.t the high standards I hold myself to – and yall to0 and rightly so on both bloody counts – John Walker noticed that, and the birthday email he sent me was so heartfelt that I shall never forget it, from a true doer, and at the risk of sounding like a stuck record – the best thing I could have ever heard, best birthday gift I could have got and have gotten for years, and the results show now as John predicted they would in 2022. My best year ever as he predicted, thus far, he is spot on.

Anyway .

I was going to make this short, since I was too busy to have a good one yesterday workout wise.

but since I just got done with 180 squats, 10 slow mo so if you’re counting thats 190, since I’m SWEATING – but since I did not do anything else, and I am RARING to go on pull-ups!!!!! – I’ll try and keep this short, but given how today is already panning out, it aint gonna happen. So be it. Hehe.

Including these long ass paragraphs I only wrote in 2010 – hehe.

Marketing sacrilege, I can hear people scream, but like I’ve been saying, as opposed to what idiots think about me, it aint and never has been all about the money, anyway, on that note?

I checked spam – I had not done so in days it seems

And presto, like I predicted, a certain Benny showed up – and he’s given me another one of those reasons to “unspam” him. Hehe. In one of his rare “sane moods” is he .. !

“Strong Arms Bro”

Hammers, Isometrics, Cables, Animal Moves and other things are about as much as I do and I believe even my arms are proof that variety beyond just bodyweight and grip work really do the trick. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to do handstand push-ups starting in a headstand like I did in my 20s at around 230 lbs. Yes, it’s true I did do that and I have proof of it.

For now, having strong arms and shoulders are a favorite omg with a few other things.

I have been losing weight too BTW. I’m at 253 at the moment and was close to 270 back in may. We may have our banter but I know what I’m doing right and progress may be slower but it’s still progress. Keep at what you’re doing in your own training, maybe one day you’ll be able to lift that stone.

Well – Benny – first off?

I love hearing back from ya – banter aside, you’re that crazy brother ole “Rocko” talked about in Rocky – Paulie (who in real life was actually a BOXER – hehe – as opposed to Sly – those shoulders, take a look!) …

I’m sure you’ve got your own thoughts about me, which is fine (his email was accompanied by some “pump and pose” pictures of arms and shoulders) …

But hey, look man.

Admittedly I’m not one for pump’n preen and puff and buff either, but you’ll love THIS email I sent out a while back – I KNOW you’ve seen the flick. Hehe.

Farm boy arms 

Banter aside, most of it was honest feedback from me – which you dont agree me, and I get that. And I dont have a problem with that, honestly – a lot of people dont agree with me, but in terms of what I said about you being – and looking fat – well, you could ask someone like a … ah, just ask who you trust. Haha.

Or, dont …

I realize you dont give two rips about my insistence on form on everything, and hey – I’m anal on that – I admit as much not just here, but in my books.

And I always will be – there is a reason for it.

If you feel what works for you is doing them otherwise, hey – it’s a free world pal.

Like Uncle Bob once told me, hehe “it’s a communist country”, and … (we were both in the PRC at that point).

But one thing I’ve never said is this my friend, and look – you know I point out both sides of the coin, so it’s only fair to point this out – I never said you were WEAK – not physically at any rate.

Or, “not strong”.

Sure, you could probably lift a fair bit – hey, and kudos to you for working up to that, but let me expound in a manner you once asked me to i.e. “motivate not tear down” (though I never tear down – I give it to people straight, if they can’t handle that thats fine) …

(and look, strength has it’s place, for somone that wrote Battletank Shoulders, I’d be a fuckin hypocrite to claim otherwise, I never have, but strength and conditioning go together, they’re two cogs of that same wheel my friend, they’re all equally essential).

Think about this my friend Ben –

How much stronger would you BE – with that muscle – if you lost weight, and got in shape?

You and I both know you want to do tons of pull-ups – correct me if I’m wrong, but we all want to!

How much better would you look – and feel – in all regards – without the excess weight? With that CORE – and the strength and arms – BOTH?

Thats just to start with and it aint got nothing to do with anyone’s ego either.

Think about it, when you truly get in sync both mentally and physically, you wont need me to tell you that. Like you’ve noted, like I keep saying, I was just like you 10 years ago or more, so I am damn sure qualified to tell you at least that if nothing else…

Maybe you’ll reply with “I wouldn”t, and in that case that is fine, but if so, you’d be lying to yourself if you said that my friend.

More – If you have truly lost weight then kudos – and keep it up.

Hey, if you show enough progress – starting today (no, that aint implying you have to!) – I have something for you – a gift you would REALLY appreciate – a book of mine we both know you want. Hehe.

Only caveat to that being (and it will massively discounted if you show PROGRESS!) – you must issue it a genuine review, my friend.

If you like it – love it you MUST say so and not be shy about it, if you HATE it – you must do the same – no mamsy pamsy nonsense about “he gave it to me at a discount so I must be kind” – i.e. tear the fucker apart if you so think it deserves to be, if you love it, then SAY SO UNABASHEDLY! …. no mamsy pamsy stuff of be kind and such  if so, no deal. Hehe. That is non negotiable, along with the “improvement” condition above.

I suspect you will love the book. I suspect you know you will too. But anyway, thats neither here nor there. It’s my way of MOTIVATING you – yet another way other than this LONG eye watering email for one.

(Alan’s eyes must have done watered already, lol)

No, you didn’t ask – but … Hehe.

No, I am not implying you want, need, yada, nada, schnada, I’m simply putting it out there for you my friend, and if that ain’t motivation enough (Although really, I think you should do it for YOURSELF first and foremost) then nothing ever will be.

(and that ain’t banter either my friend).

And it’s your choice, pal.

I’m always here to help if you need it, from the tone of your email, thats a “sensible” tone you struck.

Nothing if not reasonable am I in that regard – just ask some of the doers, all of our customers.

Anyway, that pull-up bar be waiting, therefore.. ????

(And the wife BE hollering, lol)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The stone he is referring to? Well, you’ll see an older version of me (older in terms of time the picture was taken – not “age”) lifting something way heavier – pressing it to my chest. Stay tuned. Hehe. But you might just get the “me now” doing it too, we’ll see!

Youtube has more on that!

PS #2 – Ben, for what it’s worth – Handstand pushups are one of the best movements for strength training – but by themselves they wont help you lose weight.

“By themselves” being key …

DIET is also a huge part of it, not saying you overeat – or eat wrong – if you do, you know that – I dont. And it aint none of my biz if you do, to be frank.

But, WATCHING (emphasis – not “curtailing” necessarily) what you eat can be a huge thing, even the wife said it herself the other day, I was like damn. Miracles do happen!

Maybe I made that miracle happen, more on that later – but thats some more advice, un-asked for perhaps, but hey, per your “request” in one of your last comminiques to me!


PPS + Quote of the day, keeping in line with these long emails, this one could be “two or more” the one on the other side “five or more”.

Marketing sacrilege I know, but like I’ve ever given two rips about so called rules. Hehe.

While walking back from school – I’ve mentioned this before, but the sheer privelge of seeing my daughter grow up – I’d pay for it!

Maybe I AM paying for it in some ways – pun intended.

But kids, one day you’re walking them home from school.

the next day, they see you doing clubs and want to join in, from a little baby that was 3.2 kgs to one that already has shoulders like boulders … well, its just so NICE!

Real privilege, and that aint marketing or BS, it’s FACT AND IS TRUE!

And seeing her “go home herself”, with her school bag at that (she wont even let me carry it now!) …

An old wise man, as I was shouting out behind “look left, look right, then cross the road” (she’s like a young elephant that doesnt know her own strength, still not fully grown into a teen, “in between”, still immature, I hope that persists!) …

… old man, grizzled with a long beard was like

“You’re teaching your child wise things!”

So I am, I grinned behind my glasses. With all the molly codding they get, they need practical knowledge more than anything!

“They need to learn to be independent – but wisely!” he riposted. “And you’re doing that!”

I would have chatted more to him, but I was jogging so I had to say bye. I’m sure we’ll meet again sometime my friend!

But thats the “vibe” for the day thus far …

And to end this whole thang off, and to BEN specifically – the crazy “brother” if might call you that (you’re welcome to call me what you like) (and lets not get into brother in laws from another mother or what not, heh)

Yes, you CAN! 

So can all of YOU reading this.

And thats that.

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