Three things you can learn fitness wise from the mighty tiger, and cats in general.
- YES!


Yus, as Ann Lee would say – hehe.

Although the dog is by far a pet I’d have over a cat, I love cats in general – male lions being an exception to the rule, but I love the TIGER the most – closely followed by the JAGUAR.

Man, that sense of menace I once felt as I looked at a MEAN jaguar, admittedly weak and overfed (the tiger was so overfed it did nothing but sleep – pathetic what zoos do!) – but damn, the way that thing looked at me!

And I love tigers in general – right up there with the grizzly as my favorite animal.

Right down to the “pensive” – or “meditative” look both animals often have, apex predators, top of the food chain, looking out into seemingly nothingness, the TIGER to me exemplfies this the best.

I’ll never forget telling people two tales – one, the tale of my buddy’s kitten “Hunter” so aptly named – they never had any mice, suffice it to say! – jumping out of a 17th floor building in China, NOT a typo either – and despite him rushing down to find it, hoping he wouldn’t find a mess, he found the damn thing bounding away without a care in the world.

Meowing away too.

Unhurt, absolutely, my daughter pooh poohed this by saying so what, thats how cat’s muscles are, something about they literally “fly through the air”.

Which you’ve watched – my second tale even a brief video of a tiger jumping (tigress) up at someone on top of a full grown male bull elephant, them Asian elephants are HUGE – and in bound, roaring and taking two of his fingers along with him, well you know what I mean in terms of FLYING.

Nothing comes close in terms of speed, flexibility and agility – and that is one thing you can learn from cats in general.

Observe how they walk, usually always on tip toes.

Observe how they often stalk their prey – lift one leg up while (before) doing so – even your domestic cat if you observe it will have these habits, it aint got nothing to do with if you feed it or not, its just instinct – they never stop hunting.

Dogs won’t be like wolves in that regard, but cats, like women, hehe, will be CATS, period. No pun either!

Anyway …. fitness wise, well, some of the movements they do.

One, the way the tiger walks – all muscles blending into the CORE if you get my drift, NOT like the bear – although the bear does it’s own thing amazingly well – but the tiger walk is just unique, and it;s covered in Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

Its not only hard as hell to do right – but its damn effective in terms of building a strong, lean and fat free core.

Second, the tigerbend pushup covered in Pushup Central, even most advancd trainees balk at this, I have not given this one enough space!

There’s lots of confusion in terms of how to do this –

To do them get into the pushup (regular) position, form, breathing, all the same as always, except when you lower down your forearms are flat on the floor without your legs moving backwards and you lift from there – you push yourself up I should say, but if you’ve got a huge belly, you’ll feel it lifting. Hehe.

DO that pushup, my friend, or work up to the point you can get sets of 15, then 20…

Then, on your fingertips …

And three, well, PATIENCE.

cats wait for DAYS to strike, even the mighty tiger with all its ferocity and strength is by nature an “ambush predator” – as opposed to a bear, perhaps.

But they do pretty well in fights against lion and grizzles, although “nothing can beat a grizzly” – tigers are the only ones that come close – well documented!

So thats four things …

And thats that – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Animal Kingdom Workouts is truly a book everyone wants, and loves once they get it, if you ain’t gotten it as yet, do so now.