A brief tutorial on …table pushups!
- Enjoy

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In accordance with the “tutorial on pushups” series that appeared out of nowhere and is going from very basic to basic to sorta middle level and from there, here is a tutorial on … the table pushup!

The daughter’s jumping about tigerbend pushups. Patience, my dear. This alone is more what most people can do – and if you’re fat, if you have no core strength or minimal – or if you have too much junk in the trunk, man tits or what not – you wont be able to get into the position and hold, simple as that my friend.

Along with the pull-up, the extended arm pushup “floor humpers”, hehe – this is another PRIME test of real world fitness, and most importantly CORE strength, stability and fitness.

I’ve done these in the past with my daughter sitting on top of me. Hehe. I’ll post it on Instagram soon too … (well, it’s already on there somewhere in the archives).

I still ain’t been able to find the school video of me getting the lazy kids to do pull-ups, hehe, but all in good time.



Rahul Mookerjee

P S – and Remember, my friend – pick up Pushup Central if you have not already, and start getting yourself in the best of shape NOW (truly a BRUTAL course this, but you can start even if you have no experience doing pushups, as I take you from bare bones basic to advanced in the course).

PS #2 – Benny Boy “Braindead Benny” as a customer recently termed him after the latest blast – has been permanently blocked, hopefully this time for good. Oh, I’m sure he’ll show up once on Instagram, hehe … But that should be the end of that mess. Gosh (or, “Oh my GOSH!” as a certain Sophia Bai would say) , what a fellow indeed!

Bai means White in Mandarin Chinese, maid in Hindi … Anyway, this is about tablepushups, not bozos. Enjoy, hehe.

I’d rather “gosht”, a big huge chunk of grilled or steamed MEAT. Hehe. BAck soon!

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