Benny done turned into an utter fool again (not that he wasn’t already).
- Ugh

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Sometimes I wonder how people can be so damn STUPID – and dumb.

When they do stuff like this you know they CAN, for one. When they rant like this, you know they ARE, heh.

And their lack of business knowledge is so glaring that it’s nigh pathetic, and their results in that arena show like daylight and sunshine on a clear winter morning.

Ugh. Its just pathetic. This guy, he reminds me of a certain “Anne” whose story I’ll tell you about soon, but basically I was done with this fool, but he keeps emailing me, 99.9% of it utter garbage which I sometimes bring up here, the 0.001% makes some sense, which is why (unlike Schofield) his emails see the light of “junk folder” – but not straight to trash like in Schofield’s case.

I’ll have to configure it so they go straight to trash so I dont even see them. Hehe.

But anyway, the lovely Anne

In 2019 I was doing pull-ups out in the park, and a lady was watching me do them, swinging on the dipping bars, or trying to.

She came over to the pull-up bars, tried, I struck up a conversation. Hey, I can’t resist!

BIG mistake, little did I know it then.

I showed her how to do pull-ups – specifically, some Gorilla Grip work I believe, monkey bar work.

And her soft little hands, well, the next day she showed, she showed me those nasty calluses that occur – one of them was bleeding.

Thats familiar to me, but not to her!

So I told her how to tape it up, and how to keep doing them so that the skin toughened and this wouldn’t happen (and ladies, it doesnt mean you have rough hands, you simply have “smooth tough” skin around there).

Anne didnt do much monkey bar stuff, but we started talking on wechat. Mostly my fault, as Sophia says to me “you’re so BAD!”.

And I asked her to give me a massage.

That started it all.

My word, the drama after that!

She first wanted me to go “to the hospital with her” to see “if we both clean”.


I didnt get it at first…

Then I did.

Hun, I just want a massage, I laughed.

For her a massage meant sex and marriage.

True blue traditional Chinese lady she was – except ….

“Madam” was married, with two kids!

Marriage?? I wasn’t even being romantic with her, not that I thought at least.

From that point on I hurriedly told her “no massage, nothing ,misunderstanding”, but it was too late.

She “fell in love”.

And she’d send me so many texts in a day inquiring about this, that, why I didnt reply to her, if I really loved her, if I “just wanted a massage and then was with some other girl” and other nonsense that I ended up blocking her temporarily on wechat.

Nothing doing – she found me in the park!

I’d be climbing the hill, she’d show up at THAT exact moment.

I’d change the time I’d go to climb – she’d be waiting in the pull-up areas for me!

She’d even film me everywhere I go – including a video I have on Twitter doing fingertip pushups after a brutal workout – I kept telling her not to do it but she did it anyway.

I asked a girl how to avoid – and STOP – this incessant stalking, since nothing I did worked.

She giggled.

“Well, just **** her for free!”


Anyway – eventually she did sort of get the message, and backed off – a little.

I thought I had finally got rid of her until one fine day she showed up on a bike, launched herself at my chest and said “it was suchhhhhhh a nice feeling there”.

My word.

Block again.

Eventually, this chick and I did some – BUSINESS. She became one of my best buyers for green tea, despite it not being “planned” that way, but really speaking, that two months of being stalked (while I was actively pursuing other women) in 2019 … ugh.

Just pure UGH, I’d rather not have the business.

Till this date, we talk, though she’s calmed down some now thankfully.

And this bring me to Benny, whose pretty much now in the same category (Schofield like stalker).

I mean, dude’s been roundly blocked on Twitter, he shows up on FB, I block him there, then he shows up on email with his inane comments about hammers he does half ass swings on and has ZERO idea on how to use properly, form on exercises (for a guy that can’t do ONE single pull-up and is too fat to get his chin above the bar, for a guy that can barely hold a handstand let alone do a handstand pushup – and for a guy that lives on his wife, is a cheapskate x 100 – and is too cheap to listen to people that know what they’re doing- form???) and other rot that I usually dont bother replying to, because it’s just so stupid.

And because, well, he has a right to his own opinion.

Last night he viewed some of my latest videos – sure enough, Benny’s part of the horde “first in line to see whats out for free. Emphasis on FREE!”

What a fucking loser, really, I gotta say it, I was kind yesterday because the situation warranted it, but his nonsense about form (I’ll get into that later) isn’t what bothered me, I ignored that, but then he pestered me on you tube with links to competing channels – I mean, dude, get real.


The stupidest thing you can do is show up on someone’s business doorstep and Tom tom your non existent business!

I’ve blocked him there as well, hopefully he doesn’t show up on Instagram now. Come to think of it, after reading this, he probably will.

Literally waiting with bated breath and eyes “peeled” – what a moron. Kinda like stalkers are in general . . . 

People truly cannot get enough of me, it seems.

Anyway – that aside, he was whining about “too much arch in the back while doing pushups”.


You’re too fat to do a single pull-up properly, form aside.

Some of the videos you have on your channel doing ape work – if I put them here, the Ship members and doers in general would be in SPLITS for days it’s so pathetic the way you take your shirt off, and show those ugly man tits as if it’s a badge of honor – and I dont mean the exercise splits.

I mean, guy is literally doing 1/4 pull-ups, then calling it grip work, he can barely do a one arm hang for more than a second or so, and he twists and torques while doing it, and … well, all that, Benny, including the nipple show you put on – is YOUR WONT – but really, it’s pathetic.

Not to mention he keeps whining he’s lost weight, when even “neutral third parties” say “its just camera angles and more pump, theres no real change in him” (there is, actually the- double chin is now triple, but thats his problem to be honest, but really, this stalking– ugh!).

I was discussing this in private with a customer here yesterday – and I would not bring it up here, but really, this guy – some lard ass that can barely even do a pushup right talking about form?? Jeez, utter lunacy (but again, like with Schofield, the lunacy doesnt bother me, his comments dont, but his UTTER lack of knowledge about real business == BLOCK!) …

… and while hes busy decorating his house at the moment, those videos I shared (and they’re just two on that utterly useless channel of his) – are SO pathetic it’s a disgrace he uses the word “workout” and “exercise” next to them.


Benny was whining about “arch in back while doing pushups”.

Then he sent a video of him preening after doing half ass pushups where…

Look, Benny.

The closer you get arms to waist, the harder the pushup gets, and it looks like you have more arch because I purposely took the video from that angle, if I took it from a frontal angle, you’d never have seen it, you idiot.

I dont show myself in the “prettiest” positions like you do, I show myself in the ugliest – because thats what people really want, the overall picture.

Second, I’ve said on pushups you look AHEAD – not down. Thats the natural way to do it, when you’re swimming in a pool perhaps you look down at the lines yes, but even there, open ocean or river, the style I was taught “originally” i.e. heads up breaststroke comes into play, not that swimming has “F all” to do with pushups other than lat work, but I’ve always advocated the opposite of what most gurus advocate, you look AHEAD, not DOWN.

And when you do that, your back will naturally arch a little.

If you look down, its far easier to round your back for one, which I do not recommend at all, unless you’re doing a style of pushup that requires it, but I’ve not seen one that does, maybe the pike pushup to a degree, but only a degree.

Third, pushups aren’t done with arms “right under shoulders” at advanced level, you start off that way yes, but when you go advanced, its waist, lats, or near waist.

Fourth, for some reason with back flexibility and all those Hindu pushups and bridges we do, my friend, our backs are so flexible we couldn’t be stiff in the lower back if we wanted to.

Your lower back was not meant to be stiff, fat ad inflexible, it was MEANT to have an arch in it, the more the better.

Benny claims it will “bite me in the ass”.

It hasn’t for as long as I’ve worked out, it works great for everyone I coach, it works fantastically well for everyone that does what I ask in Pushup Central, and so on and so forth.

And thats the news for today, the stalkers persist.

I’m sure Benny will find a way to come back – I gotta find the time to set up the code to permanently block him from showing up, like with Glyn …

Anyway – our Youtube Channel – HERE!

Enjoy – and if you haven’t already- well, invest in the best damn fitness system out there NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Benny, this ain’t banter either – when you take it over to the business arena, thats when it gets serious and turns into WAR. Bring it, is what I say though if you truly want to …  (but trust me, you dont – ask a certain so called millionaire Bozo Schofield in Brum for one – and a host of others).

Ultimately Glyn’s downfall was caused by the same thing, inane comments which I now positively exhort him to post, but he doesnt. Hehe. But I can point YOU to them if you so choose my friend, by all means try it, but you’re treading a very dangerous path is all i’ll tell ya!

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