My fingernails done turned … BLUE!
- Almost!

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Nah, at the outset, I didnt decide to join Glyn’s parade of LGBTQ – apparently one of his “things to do” in that regard is “paint my fingernails for her”.

Quite literally, not even kidding, I wonder if he even ever thinks to brush his teeth, floss, after all that “in ass” he does. ugh. Probably not judging by those horribly stained teeth.

Although Chinese tea will do that to teeth if drunk in huge quantities (no it doesnt weak teeth or gums, it;s GOOD for health) – Glyn’s takes it to a whole new level like “gutter” – or sewer – yellow. Which doesnt come as much of a surprise.


It ain’t about the positively hilarious scene in Rambo III either, where Afghan dude Rambo is helping asks him what “the blue light” is for – basically special lights to see in dark caves.

What does it do, he goes. (after Sly mumbles something about “blue light” – nah, he doesnt mumble. Kidding, Sly!)

Turns Blue”, says Sly, almost glaring at him … Hehe.

It ain’t about the fact that Glyn loves his “nether regions black and blue, especially blue”.

It ain’t about my crazy arse sitting here in a towel in what is almost verifiably WINTER – the height of it.

Almost, not quite, but it’s cold, and it ain’t about  my habit of taking cold showers in winter either … oh wait, but it IS about that!

Literally, sometimes I see my fingernails almost turn blue – only the thumb for some reason when I step into that damn thing.

Like my workouts, and this is how it should be done, period, I dont dwadle and think about “oh my, its going to be COLD!”

Or, other dilly dally methods.

I just turn the damn thing on full blast – and GO!

Nah, my fingernails, any of them didnt turn blue – thats more a feature of the lighting I use in the bathroom and the angles.

No blue movies made there either.

But anyway – jokes (crass or otherwise) aside (and last one, while I AM into doing towel pull-ups, I dont do them while wearing a towel necessarily – unlike certain famous baseball players who did them in the nude apparently, heh) …

Jokes aside, my friend, this is one of the very best health practices you can engage in, if you can handle it that is – you need to work up to it for sure in some ways.

And these days, although the heart is supposed to thump nineteen to the dozen upon jumping into an icy cold shower in icy or close to it weather, it doesnt even seem to go up does the heart rate.

When I don’t workout hard, those rare days – it DOES shoot up and how!

But either way, there’s lots of tricks to making cold water showers in cold weather work for you, one being to wet the head and hair completely – and keep it that way throughout the shower, second being not to get out of the damn thing even for a minute!

The minute you step out of it, and then back in, your body temperature changes and you feel.

Funnily enough, you dont stay in there forever either like with hot showers (like people tend to do with hot showers).

You get in, do your thang, and then you’re OUT. Like my workouts!

Anyway I’m not turning into Ice Man “Wim Hof” just as yet – nowhere close. But I could do my own yogi version of him if I so chose to!

(I dont know the dude beyond what a customer Panourgias once told me, but he does some pretty cool stuff!!!) (including his fitness – right up there!)

For now, know this- after getting out of that damn shower, it’s been 15 minutes already (after I exited), and I’m almost butt naked, I feel WARM.

With no heating nearby and a cold breeze flowing in through the windows…

This happens EVERY time – or daily after my shower, even though I Do what most experts tell you NOT to do i.e not to jump in right after a workout when your core temperature is high.


Look at what the Finns do, bake in a sauna, then jump in the Artctic – literally.

My friend, this along with 0 Excuses Fitness and several other of my life habits – is one of the best things you can do for your health and fitness – period.

I’ll have more on this later, maybe a full course if there is enough interest, we’ll see.

And no, for those wondering …

It doesnt work that way in reverse.

I used to take hot showers in summer too back in the day and without A/C when I stepped out, I’d be sweating up a STORM.

Indeed, what is uncomfortable my friend is what works, what is required, and what jacks up your metabolism yet another notch or two …

More later.

But thats the update for now.


Rahul Mookerjee

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