How switching your grip can improve your pushup rep count.
- It sure can, it does!

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One of my most valuable tips for increasing rep counts on pushups – or even pull-ups (though it’s much harder to do with pull-ups) – is this – SWITCH grip.

No, not the switch grip pushups I tell you about in Pushup Central where a slight change in hand/arm position makes ALL the difference, my friend.

People have reported falling flat on their face on a variation like that. And that was only #7 into the 51 variations, I think …

Anyway – if you’re stuck at pushups in terms of reps – switching your grip WHILE doing the pushup might make all the difference, friend, without necessarily giving you a poorer workout.

Lets say you want to do 25 fingertip pushups straight.

Well ,one of the ways I worked up to it when I was stuck at 16 for ages … ?

It was to do more, do them daily, do them every hour, and all that – yes.

Without all that you’re getting nowhere, the hard yards are the key, the “boring and unsexy” stuff is really the key.

But something you might want to do along the line …

If your current max with proper form, slow and easy is 5 pushups – well, then do 5 fingertip pushups – or whichever way you want to do them.

Then pause in the top position.

Do NOT, as so many people do, do the downward dog to rest – unlike youre doing Hindu pushups which is different.

For this, lets say fingertip pushups which most people have trouble – switch to palms flat – or perhaps knuckles first on one hand, then the other.

Do one or two that way. then switch back to fingers.

This tip will seem “too simple” and Bozos globally will read this and jump up and down about soooooooooooooo easy.

But it’s the simplest and most elementary stuff that does the trick, Watson, it sure is.

And it will work wonders for you this tip  if you just … TRY IT!

It dont matter if you can do 5 pushups, or 20, or 50, or 100 – this sort of thing will not only give you a more superior workout in many regards – muscles get “suddenly shocked” because of the change in grip, but you’ll also shoot past personal bests before you know it.

A sample might look this way (referring to the example above) –

5 fingertip – 10 regular (if you can do that many) – 5 more fingertip – 3 regular – and so on and so forth – all without taking your hands away from the floor or moving your feet, or sagging in the back or what not.

I will probably do up another video on these sometime, golly, lots of videos these days eh.

Well, my friend, thats it for now. For more such inside tips, you’ll want to read Pushup Central – and overall, you’ll WANT to be part of the Ship if you’re truly interested in taking your health and fitness to the next – and far better level – NO excuses.


Rahul Mookerjee

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