Why catering to fat “ultimately do nothings” and “know it all’s” is a recipe for utter disaster for any business
- The death knoll

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I obsess about many things my friend – business wise, and I usually get ’em all eventually (ultimately).

One of those things though, and one of the most important is being very selective to a fault in terms of who I allow as a partner – an affiliate – customer – or even on this here email list.

I literally put up so many barriers to joining my list that it repels most lazy people instantly.

Some complain “its too hard to join” with all the confirmation required, but its that way for a reason. There is a reason not just anyone can sign up for this site, customers only – despite what the hordes of other online sellers do …

A very good reason.

I think I’ve mentioned the reasons in emails prior to this.

But this one example – to a great video we recently did about bodyweight squats – is the perfect example of why I do things the way I am, and why despite crap about the economy and other rubbish (excuses basically) – I’m going to continue to do so.

Early in the AM, a man (I dont know if he’s fat or not specifically) sent me an email saying basically that “he didnt need to learn about squats, he’s been doing them for years upon years (his own language) and that he “already knows it all in terms of squats””

Then he expounded by saying that “nothing replaces jogging” and that I should be putting out info on other “common workouts” (i presume this idiot never saw the video I once did about roadwork) …

And he finished off by saying he could find it all on the internet for free, and that exercise books (not just mine) are a waste of money in general, and rambled about “how to download it for free”.

It reminded me of a recent Bozo who reviewed Grizzly Power without even buying the book “very few fitness books are worth any money”.

We reviewed that fool here, I believe.

It also reminded of a time when 0 Excuses Fitness was actually free in that if you looked for it, you’d find it (I then made complaints, and it was taken down).

Some did.

Some wanted it for free, and every one of them that wanted it for free, never got back with a review or even did a damn thing with the invaluable material they were literally handed on a platter.

That taught me many lessons, my friend. Lessons that I keep learning daily.

As for this moron, he’s so full of shit it stinks – first thing you know, if this idiot had been doing them for years upon years, then he’d be the first to tell you what Bruce Lee, yours truly, a host of other illuminaries tell you – that you never know it all.

Mastery is elusive, true mastery almost impossible.

Maybe the meditating sadhus know how to do it, but I sure dont – and most doers sure dont.

Second, his tripe about common workouts, and then the lament (he put that in his email) about how “Hindu squats didnt help him lose weight” (?????) (with no further details) reminds me of just why I do NOT allow comments on the videos – every time I do, I get some inane nonsense.

The doers dont ramble and talk.

They hit the like button.

They subscribe.

And they DO!

This is exactly why I dont allow this sort on my list, on my channels, or anywhere near me.

Free, free, free, hey, my friend – if you can find it all on Google for free, well, chances are you wouldn’t be on my channel in the first place?

It’s exactly these sort of morons who have to butt in where they’re not wanted with advice they’d be best applying to themselves – who always have to “obsess over those that could give a crap less about them i.e. the DOERS” – who have to constantly chime in with so called advice when it’s neither accurate nor wanted, nor have these fools ever followed a word of it themselves – nutjobs that whine about camera angles instead of priceless info – and that sort of thing . . .  (Not to mention – a lot of these fat boys (fools) need to take a good long look at themselves in the damn mirror, and the size “extra” clothes they take pride in buffooning on) …

… because they all want an audience, someone to whine with. Someone to show off their so called knowledge – which they copied and pasted out of “Liberal do nothing” manual most likely.


If anything, Im fastidious in terms of running away from ass clowns like this.

Believe me, if I wanted to, I could sell to him.

I could put out some easy stuff to do, and he’d probably buy the book, but Id rather he doesnt.

He’d buy it, and do NOTHING with it like idiots do – and then whine about how the information doesnt work.

And so I’d rather lose that “easy sale” my friend.

I’d rather sell to people who truly value what a Master of his craft as a customer recently put it – has to offer.

Id rather NOT do what I’m not i.e. offer easy workouts to make an easy sale.

That will never happen, as I told yet another old customer … No “pussy trainer” for me!

No pun intended, hehe.

And that, my friend is that.

Anyway … we’ve been putting out some great videos.

Be sure and grab Squat 101 while you can at the price it is at NOW, because when I put together an EXHAUSTIVE video for this like I did for 0 Excuses Fitness, the price will likely double – if not TRIPLE, my friend.

For now, heres the latest –

Enjoy!  (link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YANSgv87Hmg)

And remember to invest in the courses above if you’re a true doer, I cannot stress just how important they are for your fitness bookshelf.


Rahul Mookerjee

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