I didnt know it would be THAT tough for the bodyweight exercise guru – for a while, hehe.
- And the type of pushup you might just be ignoring, my friend!

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And the type of pushup you might just be ignoring, my friend!

I remember a long term customer writing in once about these, and basically saying although regular pushups and a lot of chest facing floor pushups were not that challenging for him, REVERSE – and handstands – they challenge him big time!

Especially reverse pushups and table pushups – and he ain’t fat either my friend.

I also remember the great John Walker writing in about the book on reverse pushups – “this exercise made me feel better than ANYTHING else I’ve ever done” – and he’s done a lot, my friend – a lot, and continues to at 65.

DOER! (s) – both of them

Anyway, as I was doing my pushups this morning, and cracked off 20 easy peasy – then 10 tiger bends in TOUGH style – I gotta put up a video shortly – I wanted “something different”.

And something TOUGHER.

Then it struck me.

With all my club work and other pull-ups I do, I’ve been ignoring one thing for damn near months – REVERSE WORK!!!

Including bridging, although the splits give you a lower back workout if you do it right, bridging is great too. And it used to be a favorite exercise for me…

So I decided on reverse pushups. Got into position – the tough way, as I mention in the book dedicated to it – rightly so! (some idiot once wrote about “this book only has one exercise” – well, you fool, there is a damn good reason behind dedicating a book to ONE exercise!!) …

… not the easy way on toes, but tough way…

And then figured I’d do 10-20.

What happened next shocked me!

I was barely able to lift off the floor.

Yes, yours truly!

Now to be fair, that lasted only a minute or so before I “gathered myself and muscle memory flooded back” (my daughter was asking what that meant in a video. Hehe).

And then I did them.

But still stiffly. Not as fluid as I was, though I’ll get there today – this struck me as so damn IMPORTANT that I stopped at rep #35 and RUSHED to the computer to write to y’all about it.

I remember those workouts I did NOTHING but reverse pushups and wall walking …

You can find some samples of wall walking on my Youtube channel, but reverse pushups – man – nothing replaces them.

And I plan on doing more of them today, we’ll see how that pans out.

Man, oh man.

This exercise is hard to crack, yes, John – for everyone!

It was for me when I first started too, and it continues to be if I dont DO the thing regularly, but thats OK – muscle memory to the rescue.

And, it was nothing like what happened when I didnt do a single pushup for months and turned into a pull-up monster – and then when I did a pushup, I was shocked and sore. Hehe.

Nothing like that at all.

But still, an important lesson, many, if you choose to learn them.

For now, at $35.99 the book is a STEAL, my friend, and it’s the best damn thing you can do for your core and lower back – no exceptions.

You’ll literally develop a core so solid with reverse work and the BEST darn exercise that when you’re elbowed in the stomach, even without “taut” muscles, them elbows will fly off a “wall”.

True story, I had that happen returning to Lou Hu from Hong Kong in a busy damn border crossing (why people dont follow basic etiquette there is beyond me, but whatever).

Back soon – and get the book HERE. By the way, the best darn exercise I Talk about goes WAY beyond the basic reverse pushup, EONS beyond it, and you’ll need time to get good at – but once you do, watch out, nothing will or can replace the sheer FEELING of EXHILIRATION you get from doing sets of this in letter perfect FORM!

Pay close attention to form and breathing, its the parts you think that dont matter that really do with this superlative movement.


Rahul Mookerjee

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