A workout meat grinder for the meanies.
- And it is. FRIED!

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This afternoon, while doing pull-ups at home (chinning bar is located in my daugher’s room, NOT mine – the goal was to get her to pull-ups along with handstand pushups – though the latter has been a resounding success, the former, almost as much of a failure – until NOW, hehe).

Wait till she grows up and is outmuscling me and the meat heads at the gym shooting up effortlessly with each rep!

Speaking of shooting up effortlessly…

Well, first off my forearms feel like they’re been put through a meat grinder I told my daughter.

When you consider the fact that time spent in the park doing the video was about 5 minutes (on pull-ups) and the time spent otherwise doing pull-ups and pushups was 30 – you get the drift.

Then we did the other videos..

But anyway, she agreed.

Well, you have, she said.

“sure have”, I grinned back, never to be outdone – “the workout meat grinder!”

And I finished my set of thick grip pull-ups, moved on to squats, presto, in a bit the daughter showed up to get her HW checked. That by the day is a duty the lovely wife has assigned me amongst many others – not that it matters to the daughter “since Papa never scolds me anyway” (with Mother it’s the opposite, so is the case with “Granny”).

Polar opposite I should say.


I was doing squats, and didnt stop (set of 50).

She handed me the notebook.

I kept going up and down, she started giggling as I held the notebook out telling her the corrections and “to take a look”.

“You can if you squat with me”, I chortled.

And without meaning to, she joined in.

“Three more”, I kept saying.

Just three more.

And we ended up with 100 squats.

Or well, I did with 100, she did with … well, somethin!

But thats OK. She did it, which is what matters.

For kids, thats another prime example of how you get your kids motivated THEMSELVES – mine swings – sorta – clubs for adults if you can believe that.

That she even wanted to, and can lift shoudl speak volumes, it does to ME.

Thats how you do it – yourself, and your children both. Being lazy and fat and kids seeing that growing up, thats precisely what they will emulate whether you want them to or not. Believe me, been there, done that – so have others.

As for yours truly, I was going to end this one off with something but I forgot.

Oh yes, Squat 101 is a must grab.

(And while updating I remembered – again).

Kiddie Fitness is a must grab too, a far better gift for your kids than any (most) of the other junk people give their kids these days.

Nothing wrong with pampering, I do it myself, but balance it out. And don’t forget to be a DOER yourself, not a lazy ass, or it will all be for nought.

Maybe I’m preaching to the choir for some reading this, but it needs to be said, and now I have.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – While hitting the translate button on this – I remembered.

Show me, you meanie, went a certain someone. Hehe.

And thus, the title…

Giggle. ????

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