Car pushing, Poke Tohola – and more!
- More memories hehe.

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Growing up, I often saw people doing one of the most natural things to do when their cars stalled (assuming the tyres weren’t the issue).

I even saw my father doing it, which was one of the few “manly” things I ever saw him do – in front of me, anyway.

That was pushing a small economy car along because it stalled due to some reason.

This afternoon, I wish I had my phone with me! I rarely if ever take it out with me when I go unless it’s to film something (if there is a chance of filming something), otherwise, I just leave the blasted dumb thing (or intelli-phone as I gotta tell my daughter, hehe, or she’ll trip) at home.

To hell with it.

Thats what I did when I worked out on the hill, despite numerous requests for wechats, pictures etc.

To me, training time is training time, and not even the most gorgeous of women comes “in between ” my training and me.

Well, some do … Hehe. But not most, and they come AFTER the workout.

Sometimes I even wait for them after my workout.

Anyway – there was a guy pushing a small car today – mumbling something about it not being stable against a brick or something.

Now, I dont interfere unless asked, and men are notoriously picky about these things – if another guy asks them, he might just take it as an insult i.e. “I’m strong enough to do it” – plus I leave people be in general anyway. (I wish more would reciprocate!).

So I said nothing, but that damn thing, I would have pushed it like nothing, I WANTED to help him out, perhaps if I had my phone I’d ask him to video it too.

Thats a great real life workout, works your entire body from head to toe, especially if someone applies the brakes while you push.

If youre Hercules, I wouldn’t do that – not good for the brakes.

If youre not, which I’m not – and most people reading this aren’t, it’s good for your body, wont affect the brakes that much.

Hey, for a guy who once drove to a mountainous region in India with no brake fluid, practically none, I should know! Haha.

Anyway, I was thinking about something entirely else while on the way to pick up the daughter.

About a James Hadley Chase Novel (I dont remember the name, but rabid fans no doubt will) which centers around a Seminole Indian in Florida hell bent for getting revenge for “rich white elitist – or racist, depending upon how you look at it” attitudes towards his Dad growing up – and how he enlists two “vaga bonds” to help with this task.

The first V is a big burly guy named “Chuck” – second … a girl named “Meg”.

And Chuck has a lot of pride in his strength, his massive muscles, and so forth, and Meg kinda likes his BRUTE strength too.

While hitchhiking on the highway they break into an unused house, decide to spend the night there…

… I wont bore you with too much of the story, but later on they – or Chuck, at least, goes to bathe in the sea nearby (or river, I can’t recall).

And while coming out of it he sees another dude there.

This dude was the opposite of Chuck, from a distance skinny.

All steel and whalebone, and as Chase writes …

“As Chuck looked over the Indian, with muscles rippling like a snake underneath it’s skin, he suddenly lost faith in his own strength”.

Dont whine at me, for some reading this – I aint a seminole Indian for one, and Chase wrote it, not me.

But it’s true.

The biggest of people, my friend, if not truly fit – when you see a truly functionally fit person (which is another thing even people who hate my very guts have to admit along with a few other things about me) … then you “feel it”.

It’s about ANIMAL LIKE strength, cat like explosiveness and agility and most muscle bounded monsters with massive bloated tummies – or if you’re a booby building fanatic, striated abs – just dont got it, period.

I won’t get into the details of the book beyond this, including a knife fight shortly thereafter, where Chuck tries to disarm him, almost does it, and then … POW!

Like a cat, the Indian puts Chuck on his back when he least expects it.

And thats the sort of fitness I sell, my friend.

Thats the sort of fitness standard you should hold yourself to anyway, not the nonsense about “I have a different body type” or “bulging biceps” or “I’m big but not fat” – if any of that is your thang hey – I get it. I understand.

But in that case, this here ain’t the right place for ya pally.

Other hand, if youre looking to turn into the leanest, meanest, and STRONGEST cat like version of you – like you never imagined – then all my products ARE for you, friend.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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