Hamstring pushups
- You may not have guessed this!

If I were to talk about hamstrings, and pushups, the first pushup that would come to your mind is .. what?

Obviously, well, the Hindu pushup – perhaps even the “table” pushup and reverse pushup … and there’s nothing wrong with that.

All of those are great exercises covered in Pushup Central. 

But one style of pushup, my friend, which is not that popular out there – is one of the best styles you can do for yourself – one of the very very toughest – – and, a great way to both work the hamstrings, and work up to freestanding handstand pushups.

I’ve covered this exercise before, it’s the pike pushup.

Much ignored, big mistake.

And you shouldn’t just do this one to work up to handstand pushups.

These are different – these tax the core and abs differently from handstand pushup which do the same, but they really blast the shoulders more – as opposed to pike which does that too but you’ll really feel the lower abs working HARD if you do it right.

Now – this is done by forming a triangle with your body and then going on from there – I believe our youtube channel has more on this.

But one of the things you guys with tight hamstrings (and a lot, not just me have ’em) will notice is this – your hamstrings will limit how far you can dip down – either in the easy version of the pike pushup, which involves bringing the head down between the hands, or the tough version (that involves head going beyond hands).

Shoulders too, yes, but if you’ve got strong shoulders, yet not able to push all the way down – your tight hamstrings may well be a limiting factor my friend.

And you’ll feel it when you keep the legs ramrod straight during the movement.

Maybe I’ll devote a video specifically to explain this issue and what you can do to get around it . . .

For now, remember though – this hamstring issue a lot of people have (but isn’t talked about) is one huge reason why although Hindu squats are great – as I say in Squat 101, you must never ever overlook the mighty BODYWEIGHT SQUAT!

And you must not, my friend.

That style of squat really taxes and builds the hamstrings like no other, my friend.

My workouts these days dont involve high reps so much as … well, the number 100 – 100 pushups – and … TOUGH variants of pushups. Hehe.

And part of what I’m doing is pike pushups, so much more planned for Pushup Central – Volume Two.

For NOW, if you haven’t yet gotten Pushup Central, I dont know what you’re waiting for – either you’re not truly serious about your health and fitness, or you’re not a doer, plain and simple in that regard . . .

And thats that, pal.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee