Who misses the days when our stomachs were flat, and our TV’s were fat?
- Joke of the night, hehe

That was a sage comment Jyoti – a girl I’ve been chatting with on twitter made!

Admittedly she is on the bigger side, and loves her chocolate and junk food. Hehe.

But reading it caused me to guffaw and I told her she wasn’t THAT fat (believe me, I’ve seen real fat) – and to workout more and eat less junk.

The second, of course, Madam is nigh impossible, I snickered a little (pun intended).

Which it sometimes is for ladies.

Then of course, I had a dash of something pop into my brain that doesnt a lot of times – common sense.

I mean, if you think your stomach is fat I went. (I wouldn’t want my nether regions in trouble if you get my drift “Bobbitt” – not that she would, hehe, but I added in a corollary anyway “since you said our”).

We’ll see what she responds with.

I’ve got a feeling I’m headed for an ass whipping or tongue lashing – both. Hehe. But I knew that before I started, so I dont mind.

Ok, jokes aside … it’s actually a sage question!

Given the legions of phat phockers plonking down in front of plates of overflowing food they’d be better off NOT shoving down their gullet, and the corresponding “load on the chair” increasing by the gobble – it’s not a bad joke actually, quite realistic.

Not to mention the loads on their systems and fat legs barely able to wobble up a flight of stairs without collapsing.

This, my friend, is no way to live, yet most of the world lives this way.

You know something?

Recently a couple of videos I took – I took them right after dinner – well, 30 minutes later – and it was a HEAVY ass dinner.

I didnt even feel it, when back in the day after eating I’d just slump on the couch or go to bed drunkenly (or “happily” I should say after a lot of BREW).

Yeah, the latter is a far better descriptor – I never really get drunk no matter how much I drink – or drank back in the day which was a hell of a lot my friend – both when I was fat, and not fat -and now too. Hehe.


Taking the videos I didnt think would go absolutely glitch free, to my amazement, it was like I hadn’t eaten anything at all, so intense was my workout before that the body got to work digesting it as soon as I ate it, and was done QUICK too by the looks of it!

Same thing tonight.

I ate a hearty meal fit for a horse – and about as healthy, with potatoes and wheat (and that lovely green chili, hehe) – making up most of it. Or all of it, and clarified butter (think Indian wrestlers slapping on oodles of the stuff on their food) to lubricate the joints better than anything else could (except isometrics – that is an equal).

People literally dont understand how my energy levels keep increasing exponentially as I so called age in years…

Not to mention what a lady told me the other day – what I was told 10 years ago – “you look no older than 26!”

Except when I grow that beard out, hehe, at the age of 19 I never got carded for beer when I did that – which is why I did it (I plead the 4th for anyone reading!) … which I have now for some reason.

Maybe the flavor of the day is turning into a fit, lean, bearded pard

The last isn’t necessary for super fitness – but to get that corrugated core – my friend, two courses are a must –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System 

Corrugated Core.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you on this list, the absolute sound of “crickets” when you’re asked to buy something …

Really, if you’ve been on this list for over 5 years like a gentleman has (he ain’t the only one by FAR, either in terms of what I mentioned or moaning about other irrelevant nonsense “why do I wear that red sweatshirt all the time” – I mean dude, couldn’t you think of a better one to ask??) and never has any intention of buying anything, just unsubscribe, golly, how much more plainly can I put it…