Triple Chinned Fat boy tries to destroy Rahul Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Fitness.
- in an odd way, I predicted this too.

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I wont mention him by name here.

And there are tons like him, a certain Bozo Schofield being one of them ….

Anyway, the braindead one showed up again – as expected. These guys are literally obsessed with me, it’s so easy to get them to do what I want!

And he’s doing precisely what I want, trolling me all over the internet like the Bozo did (granted his trolling is far more rational than Glyn’s, but a troll is a troll nonetheless).

Anyway …

This is aimed at no-one in particular, but if youre ranting about form when …

You can barely do a single Hindu squat in proper form without making excuses about your legs, when you’re so fat you can’t even do a single pull-up – let alone get the chin over the bar and over compensate or try to with hammer grip, when holding a handstand is a current impossibility for you, when those chins jiggle as you walk, when people call you out for having a case, a serious case of gyno … Hehe.

And I’m just getting started.

Man, this dude put out some videos that are just insanely jokerish, let alone form etc.

I haven’t subscribed to his channel, I never will either, but this clown was blocked from mine, he did his best to show up again – like I knew he would.

And he’s hell bent on destroying this biz too.


For a wannabe “flying by the seat of his fat “extra large” pants” so called affiliate (this triple chinned blubber laced monster-wacko I’m referring to)  who couldn’t sell a $8 book if he tried, lives on his wife, looks like (customer words, NOT MINE) “Braindead ****** looks like he’d need to fast for a year to lose all that blubber” .. well, he’s not quite right up there with Glyn in terms of being obsessed with me.

But he’s getting there, right down to his angry rants of “get over yourself!”

Hey, I did.


Anyway – our Youtube Channel which he’s spreading everywhere is HERE. I never really did many videos, but I’m really getting going full steam – wait for some great, great stuff coming out – especially on my FAVORITE exercise, the mighty pushup.

And yes, you’ll see me teach a few fat fools a thing or two about form, hehe (if they can get beyond rep #5 on anything, which most cannot).


And in the meantime?

If you ain’t gotten (customer words, not mine) – the BEST DAMN BODYWEIGHT FITNESS BOOK ever, nothing else comes close … the best System ever?

Get it now. There is NO better system out there to get you in shape – lean – mean – FAST!

At the end of my results speaketh, as opposed to fat boys who couldn’t wag their tongue without their chin bobbing up and down and need Mommy’s (or wifey’s) assistance to do literally “cringeworthy” intro “read from script” videos… Hehe.

Results, my friend, results.

And thats proof enough eh.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I almost feel sorry for this guy, its one thing to be braindead. Its one thing for a nutwad to be booted from everyone’s circle he tries to weasel himself into – I know he’s tried to partner with many a bodyweight guy, but he’s been booted because quite simply, triple chins my friend dont equate to “passionate about fitness”, it equates to being lazy, usually liberal, and … “ostrich with head in ground and fat ass protruding”.

Its quite another though to call Herschel Walker out on form for one, claiming Walker does “half ass reps” and crappy form. Lunacy central, of course, what else could you expect from braindead Bozo liberals.

*thanks to T for noticing it, I had completely, as always, forgotten about this nutjob, then of course as predicted he shows up again*

Anyway, yours truly is called the Bodyweight Exercise Guru for a reason.

Follow along, you’ll soon know why. Hehe.

And if you want to apply from coaching from yours truly, where I coach, train, take you by the hand – and SCRUFF hehe – and WHIP your ass into shape like NO-ONE else out there, I repeat, NO-ONE comes close – even can come close to “can” – then apply for personal coaching from the very best HERE.

And thats that!

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