Why trolls will go to ANY length to cover up their weakness, or perceived thereof.
- And they do ...

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I’ll never forget what Glyn Schofield once replied with when I asked him about his weird fantasies and fetishes – which I told him, Glyn, thats OK – most people whether they admit it or not lead double lives to an extent – of course, the way he denied it spoke volumes.

I cannot remember the Bozo ever, till this date saying “no, I’m NOT INTO THAT!” so vehemently.

At that point I knew I was onto something – hehe.

It isn’t just the Bozo either.

Lets take Benny Boy – an example of a more rational troll in some regards whose been trolling on here since he threw a hissy fit (shortly after that) about his inability to sell a dime’s worth of products – and someone that falls into the Glyn category of keeping on returning even after being roundly blocked everywhere – including our great Youtube channel apparently, I blocked him there, but presto, like a bad (and fat) apple, he shows up, hehe.

One reason, of course, is these guys can’t get enough of me – and the “attention” they get from being trolls in general is pretty much the only attention they get in their sorry lives from anyone (if you look at their finances, their lifestyle, their general tendency to mooch off or live on controlling women – well, there is a common thread).

But the second reason, deep down inside, these trolls know fully well they’re weak – and their many weaknesses.

Benny Boy for instance despite his numerous rants about not being able to sell was sort of OK here (though he was still being an unwanted ghost even then) .

What really got the poor chap’s goat was not me indirectly pointing out his inability to tell, but a video I did about cheapskates in general – – and about people calling him fat (which I hate to say, but it’s a fact).

And that started his incessant trolling, till date you’ll notice in all his trolling, despite saying everything under the sun possible positive about me when I first hired him (no wonder, hehe) (to the point I had to almost tell him to stop being so “nice” though I could smell the fake even then) – did an about Turn after these two things.

It hurt.

Because it’s true and because Benny can’t – or doesnt believe he can – and hasn’t, which counts – do a damn thing about either one of those two things. Hehe.

This sort of “rational troll” is the sort of people that will be obsessive like Bozo Schofield – and ignore everything good you do – to find some perceived one tiny flaw in the other person (emphasis on “perceived”) and then Tom Tom it until the cows come home to pseudo-validate their own piss poor levels of health and fitness (i.e. if someone is doing something, they wont let that person be – like the idiot who once asked me to “work my brain” instead of working my pull-ups which I was, like dude, quite frankly, none of your business, not that this sort understands the meaning of the word business anyway).

They’ll also obsessively try and copy everything you do to ape what you do, copy you to a T, emulate your success without realizing you cannot copy Mozart … well, you could, but you might not have the same results. In fact, I can definitively tell you you wont.

You know whats the best way to prove to this sort (not that you need to – like a customer once told me, like I myself keep doing – I’d rather just block ’em and forget about ’em) they’re trolls?

Tell them to stop haunting you.

They wont.

Easy as clockwork eh.

But they wont do it.

When you block them so you dont even see them or hear from them, or know what they’re up to, they’ll find ways to make sure you do. Hehe.

This doesn’t go for just Benny alone, of course, I had done forgotten about him again until he got on the train of “ruining this business” (good lucky Benny!) – it goes trolls of this sort in general – and Nazi feminists as well.

At the end of the day, these Nazi feminists are cowards, in a direct confrontation theyre found wanting – and I dont mean physically.

I mean logically.

And since they can’t beat logic, they fall back on the ole “I’m a woman so I’m right” nonsense.

No you’re not honey, and a certain “wife” knows that very well too deep down inside.

Anyway ………..

Profiting from this sort (and other cuckolded keyboard warriors in general) is easier than pie if you know how to stir the pot a bit and if you know how to get this sort to obsess over you like a starving man for freshly baked bread …

And my two key courses, Volume one of both in these regards –

How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society.

Profit Troll. 

You’ll want to get your hands on the first now, the second is on pre-order, get it at the price you can before it goes up, my friend.

Ah, I just realized I answered the “why” question not posed in the title of this here email, but didnt answer the “how”.

Patience, grasshopper – it will be in the book, but it’s common sense to me, really …

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My recommendation in terms of supplements etc being sold by dodgy sorts like this – buy at your OWN risk. ’nuff said. I had to put this out there, sometimes even I do some “public service”…

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