The only sport I can think of where “big” is a requirement pretty much as opposed to “just fit”
- Or two..

Well, first off, NZ – well played!

They’ve pretty much hammered India the way India did to them in the T20 I’s …

Sometimes I wonder if these matches are setup? Hehe. You can almost predict it sometimes…

Anyway, India scored way too less in this match, but anyway.

My last email debunked yet again the “looks” and fitness theory so many people hold sway to – or that holds sway over so many people.

But I was thinking more bout the “he looks like a 14 year old” idiocy – sure, women prefer something to hold on to, hehe (sometimes) but what they really want – corrugated core.

THAT in bed is the real turn on, not fat around the tummy.

Ask any girl to be honest, she’ll tell ya. So my wife, well, she wasn’t being honest, and every time I’ve been fat anyway, the ones pointed out as “so fit!” and “he’s STRONG, has a good body!” were the lean mean sorts, which lets face it, everyone wants.

But thats neither here nor there in terms of women eh. Back to sports.

Other than Sumo Wrestling and football – not “soccer” but “football” – I cannot think of a single sport where “size matters” almost as much as ability.

Even football, you have small guys playing it! (not often, but you do).

That ain’t me saying the big guys playing football or Sumo Wrestling are unfit – sumos are a different issue, but football players, look at Herschel Walker or Walter Peyton … well, enough said.

BUt look at every other sport, and fitness benchmarks.

Cricket isn’t a sport which does – or used to, at least – now it DOES – require super fitness.

Soccer does.

Swimming does.

Badminton does.

What do you see in these sports – big? Or lean and mean and corrugated cores?

Yet another nail in the coffin …

Lets be frank, even the WWE , which isn’t a real sport no longer has those man tits and mammoth bellies on show does it (despite some of those guys being “strong” or what not . . . ?

If you’re a fat person (and more importantly, do what it takes to justify it to yourself) , you’re simply not a serious athlete, simple as that.

Cricket, look at someone like a Virat Kohli who is probably one of the highest paid sports persons in the WORLD, definitely #2 in India after Dhoni.

He’s been compared to 14 year olds too fitness wise, and he used to be fat too before he “just did it”, and continues to.

All over the cricket world, and in sports in general, guy is highly regarded not just for his stellar batting record, but his FITNESS more than anything !

Google him, I’m not going to post pictures.

You may find some “odd” parallels between how he looks and how a certain Rahul Mookerjee does . . .

in terms of the “youthful look” for one, which ain’t bad is it. Hehe. Even with a beard…

My point is THIS, my friend.

MOST, if not all people that claim “oh he’s slim, but not strong”, or “genetics”, or “I’m not slim, but I’m strong” …

they ALL want this look, period.

They are all secretly aiming for it.

Tell me one person that dont want a corrugated core, I’ll eat my hat (if you’re being honest).

Fat free core, lower back, broad back, thats not just a Greek God ideal for women, it is for men as well.

And my point is this, being lean and mean equates to functionally fit.

Many years ago I was “big” and strong in terms of some one time lifts, sure.

But I could not climb four flights of stairs carrying but a FRACTION of that weight without my heart thumping out of its chest. I could not run around the block without almost collapsing, despite all the Rocky soundtracks I played!

THAT, friend, is the reality for most of these people that claim the nonsense above in terms of big is what matters, and “only strength matters” and ignore facts like other things are equally if not more important.

Strength matters, yes, but it ain’t by far the only yardstick you should measure yourself by.

MOST people in the boat above, if not all, will admit if they’re honest thats their current reality, sure, you can CHANGE that reality but the first step is admitting it to yourself, which most are not willing to do despite the facts staring them daily in the face.

And that, friend is that.

If you’re part of the gang that does acknowledge fact, DOES want to change their current fitness levels – or IMPROVE, for that matter at levels you never thought of, well, I’m right here for you.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System 

Thats that. Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee