You can do it too !
- Yes Sir!

While  aiming imaginary kicks at the bus stand at a security camera (above head level) – in my head – at the gate of a house, or almost – I was thinking of another imaginary conversation with my daughter.

“Wow!” she’d say if she saw me doing that.

Thats what she says when she sees me doing the tiger bend (though thats more because of the “crouching dragon hidden tiger” pose, hehe) – or the freestanding handstand (which sure deserves a wow, as a certain handstand lover Charles once told me “thats something to be proud of” – and he was referring to it against the wall). (not more than 0.1% of the population or even less can do it was the stat he quoted, maybe less, I cannot remember it now).

But …my response – again, in my head, though I tell her this all the time!

You can do it too!

“you just gotta cut past the bullshit at home, and remember, when you’re training, you’re training, no exceptions, no distractions, LASER FOCUS!

Focus, discipline and practice, in that order. Or maybe not necessarily in that order but it usually works that way friend”.

And minus the “friend”, thats what I was telling her, and do.

Anyway …….

Thats what I tell EVERYONE who compliments me.

Look, I ain’t no fitness “God” as I’ve sometimes been referred to – it’s one thing to be a master of your craft, but even a true master knows REAL mastery is elusive, you always improve, fact of life, it’s mentioned in my books too.

You can keep getting better… learning … the true masters are those who keep learning in my opinion – DAILY. And adapting, improvising etc.

Some people have a reaction to this “who does he think he is”.

Look, one way to go is troll me and be jealous because you dont have or have not been able to achieve the same results, the other way is to … well, learn from me.

It’s that simple, it’s what I’ve done.

When I was fat, I didnt parade around saying I’ve got a Corrugated Core.


I did the thing first, I learned how to do it via time spent in the trenches and trial and errors, lots of it, and thats how I became a master at my craft, and I’m still learning everyday, so should you. No matter what your level is.

Ask someone who can pump out 1000 pushups per workout, he’ll tell you that too (I know people that can. I’m not quite at that level, 500 is all I’ve gone! Hehe).

Ask Herschel Walker ..

“You wake up, it’s a BATTLE to survive everyday no matter where you’re at in life”.

True that my friend.

ON that note.

I remember back in the day living in the “hood” – well, a predominantly black neighborhood that, but it was the hood, lets be frank with the ex …

I remember getting annoyed when people put (well, she would too) things on her car because “it was older” … you know, eating Mc Donalds and putting the bag temporarily on the car ,today when I see people literally eating lunch on parked cars in India and China and their owners not really caring – culture difference? Hehe.

Personally, I’m the former sort, I Could never get over people putting trash on trash bins as opposed to in them, but what do I know.

Anyway – so we were moving – and there was this massive green old timer sofa she had which Percie her Dad had passed on to her.

We had to move that sucker.

Rueben and me tried to move it, he gave up in a second.

That thang was heavy and unwieldly, trust me ,maneuvering it and getting it through doorways was a task and a half!

Anyway …

A black dude lived beneath us – well, not directly – but sorta – and this guy was BUILT. Massive!

He did a lot of machines, weights – he was the epitome of what my buddy Vincent (who is no slouch in the “big” department! – he looks like a tank, period) said.

“Black guys are the biggest!”

Gorilla chests indeed, yes, their genetics does tend to be that way, but they also tend to be the fattest sometimes and their hearts aren’t quite up there – for whatever reason, the stats show they’re the race most predisposed to heart disease for one.

No, that ain’t a myth either unlike the big you know what myth … that one IS a myth (all races!).

Isn’t it strange how I can say these things and people hear it, but a white dude says it, and people jump up and down about racism?

Goose and gander my friend.

And fact.

Anyway …

So this dude, we asked him (we paid him, I dont know if he accepted), and I drove the U haul back to her place.

I still remember being embarassed at not being able to back it up.

He said he’d do it for me.

No way, hehe.

Real men do it themselves!

But that sofa, damn, while I wasn’t quite at Rueben give up level, I gave up on it once I realized I’d have to shift it myself which I would not have been able to.

So we asked him!

And he moved it up with me … I still remember the ex and him chatting outside before he left ..

“We did it together”, he said – when she was thanking him.

“No we didnt bud”, I said chuckling over a beer.

“YOU were the main force behind it!”

well, he was.

Those muscles, I went …

His response?

“You can do it too!”

Then we yapped about how many pushups we could both do, proper form etc – I could do just 20 at that time, not proper form either if I recall right, and he asked me how many I could do with proper form, then left after shaking my hand.

The next time we had to move that sofa we hired two guys with grip strength from Cain one a tall white dude, another a guy my size.

I still remember the ex telling her Dad about the guy my size moving that thang with him …

Not that she meant to humiliate anyone by saying that, but these things happen with real men – you think it to be true even if it isnt!

years later, how the tables have turned as I move sofas by myself, people tell me “I’ll hurt my back doing it”, and I’m the one recovering the fastest from any injury I do pick up – thumb or not – the quickest, usually painful ones needing medical attention.


Lesson of the day.

YOU can do it too if you buckle down and do the thing, and cut past all the bullshit out there.

Yesterday’s emails caused quite a flutter, lots of sales, and even more unsubscribes and I love it that way. Hehe.

Hey, if you can’t take fact, this ain’t the right place for ya my friend.

But if you can, I’m here for ya, I always have been for the doers, those who keep striving for MORE.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Focus, dedication and discipline and PRACTICE – all hall marks of the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Be VERY sure to read the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in there VERY carefully, should be your fitness bible almost though it will work for ANY sort of goal you have.

And, I had to tell my daughter to reject all the religious programming my wife shoves down her throat, quite literally.

Its one thing to be religous I’m all for it if you choose to be, but shoving it down little kids throats and trying to hammer it into their brains, and saying “India is the very best” when it clearly isn’t is neither factual not right. Geez, Mommy, let the kid decide for herself eh.

(Religion wise, none is the “best”, its all a crock ultimately (except yeah, a lot of it did start in ancient India – she is right about that), look at all the wars fought over it for one, again, fine to be religious but dont take it to extremes is my point and force it upon others).

Ah well, the lunacy continues.

Back to Kane Williamson (who looks to be the Kiwis only hope for now) and the day night game am I! ????