THIS is another example of why I dont care if people unsubscribe from my “Nazi fem” or liberal bashing emails. Hehe. Not that I would anyway.
- Cos...

Because it’s very fucking warranted, my friend …

Let me tell you – for certain idiots that think this is aimed at “all women” – it ain’t either.

The vast majority of women tend to be this way, yes.

And as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once put it, “give a woman a chance to take unfair advantage, and they’ll do that x 10”.

Which I knew before, of course, along with the “your daughter, no matter how much you love her may not be yours”.

which I knew as well . . .

The point here is this, Nazi feminists hate each other.

The point also is, when it comes to men – even those trying to HELP their daughters they usually operate in tandem.

“My enemy’s enemy is my best friend”.

This evening I wanted to chat with my daughter for ten minutes regarding respect.

Regarding keeping promises.

Regarding when you give someone a time, you show up or stick to that time, or else.

Thats how it is in life, except of course Nazi fems and liberals in general live a different version of life than you and I do …

(well, you and I – the sane folks that is) (which curiously all of us tend to have very strong Republican beliefs. Coincidence? Hmm! I think not, much like what I said about copycats copying me predictably and “on schedule”, as if they were waiting with bated breath which they were to be frank- I dont believe in coincidence).

Anyway, I was chatting with her, of course my lovely wife had to interfere as usual, despite not promising to (several times).

Despite me talking about taking the daughter to the park which is good for her.

Long story short, she rudely called her in, and slammed the door shut on my face giving me the “evil eye”.

For no reason.

The daughter did not want to go, she has told me that much, she has no choice – for now. As a teen, I dont know – maybe she’ll stand up more for what she wants. I sure hope she does!


A host of other excuses I’m sure would emanate from my wifes so called logical mouth for this, I’m sure. They always do. Ain’t she always right?

Guys, if this sounds familiar – a lot of you – well, take heart – you’re not alone.

But before I pimp the book just think about not only self destructive these damned women are, but how destructive they are to their kids they so called love.

My wife could put a stop to a lot of it, so could my mom.

Yet, the plan is “against Rahul”, and collateral damage come what may is acceptable.

which is great.


There’s a kid involved, folks.

I could have yelled, hammered the door, I wouldn’t have got my way, I’d have gotten my point across – or would I?

With these fucking buffoons and lunatics there is no sense banging thy head directly against the brick wall.

The indirect method works best, and taking a look at the life of the two protagonists involved in general, it seems my wily ways sure do work – better than any other out there, hehe.

But here’s the thing, friend.

Even the most hard headed of lunatics would agree what I do for my daughter is good.

Yet, every time we do the splits “she shouldn’t do it with boys” – same thing for clubs – same thing for damn near anything we do together.

That make any sense guys?


I didnt think so.


Did that make any sense?

If you were to be honest, I dont think so.

So to finish off two things – one, its not so much women that need my path breaking, one of a kind (I challenge you to find one like it, much like some of my other courses) course on not just fighting Nazi feminism, but BENEFITING from it at levels impossible for you to imagine now.

Women won’t really get a lot from that book, mostly because women dont need to hold themselves to the same unfair standards that men need to with women – period. Therefore, you neither need nor will get a lot from the book although you might agree with a lot of, if not ALL of what I Say. Haha.

MEN are really the beneficiaries here – real men.

Two, if after reading this logical explanation, you see fit to unsubscribe, I wont just welcome it.

I will hold the door not just wide open for you, but very barndoor wide.

Because if you on this list, or someone has an issue with me pointing out the facts in terms of even actively doing all someone can to stunt a kid’s growth and development “just to get back at the man who cannot say much beyond a point “because he is a man”” – then, well I dont just not want you on the list, much like trolls I’ve been referring to as of late, I do not want you ANYWHERE NEAR ME.

Am I allowed to say that?

I dont particularly care, thats how it is my friend.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee (and yes, this here list and most of my others get 3x (at least, I’m being “conservative” – no pun intended) the times of unsubscribes most others this large size get)…

If you wish to add to that list, by all means, do so, no hard feelings…

PS – I love ole Marc, hehe. “You’re dealing with a case of extreme gynarchy” he once told me in 2018, in his own inimitably “remorselesslly logical” manner. (or fashion).

Boy, was he ever right, I knew it since and have been dealing with it since childhood…

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