A new day, a new excuse?
- 😁

I swear, I wake up every morning, some of the nonsense I get in myinbox…

This one was the latest -some idiot bought and (not from this site) – refunded, apparently (third partner) Isometric and Flexibility Training.

We dont allow refunds for ANY Reason around here, so not from here – but the guy wrote back there saying the reason was “oh, sorry, I bought it by mistake”.


With Black Friday madness and what not, even keeping in that in mind (and no we did not do any coupons for that either, sorry) – how someone can buy a $99 product and say “I did it by mistake” is beyond me.

(and if they can, well, if anything – it tells me I need to price my books even HIGHER, not lower. Hehe).

something tells me this jackass wanted a look at the entire book “for free”.

Which he took, and inexplicably, or maybe not, he even left it a 5 star review.

Which is great, well warranted, but reviews and stars aside I classify this guy as an idiot and non doer – and why?

Because of his cheap-o “refunding”.

I’ve made my contempt for these sorts very clear, I continue to do so.

It’s one thing if you come to mind and ask for a discount explaining your situation.

It’s quite another thing if you buy something – take a look – and then want a refund (for whatever reason).

Man up, nikka is what I should have said, I didnt say anything, and thats fine – around HERE we dont allow no refunds, for no reason – now the only reason we will look into it is if paperbacks dont reach you, but given those are shipped out by Amazon, I doubt that will happen either (never ever has – always reaches WAY before the 14 day timeframe allotted).

Anyway ….

Books like Pushup Central and the one above – usually well trolled, people love ’em – “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!” – actually, all of my books, but those are the one that just came to mind.

As past customers have told me, they’ve got them just because the trolls love ’em so much as well .

And their decisions have been very well rewarded too!

Anyway, you owe it to yourself to check those books out NOW.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee