The sort of workouts I do when I’m fasting.
- Either extended or "short".

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I might go on one of my famed three – five day “extended” fasts very soon – I’ve been (sort of) working up to it.

I had a “cheat” day a while ago when I had pasta – though I knew it was a huge mistake.

Those cheat days are often inevitably followed by fasts for me, not for weight loss purposes, but because I like to keep my system as pure as possible in terms of what I put IN IT.

And as functional as possible.

I’m not quite at Sly Stallone (mid-career) levels where his diet was so pure his stomach would literally convulse if he had a burger at Mickey D’s (fast food, ugh! Except perhaps Wendy’s and Burger King sometimes I avoid most like the plague) …

… but, if I overeat after a fast, I’ll be sluggish for a while, and thats putting it mildly.


I’ve written galore about the benefits of fasting before, and I plan on putting out a dedicated manual on it as I’ve said before – proper ways to do it, what to do during it, what not, what to avoid, what pitfalls you can avoid, what you cannot – so called guru advice to ABSOLUTELY avoid much you like would advice from the “herd” in general, and more.

But for now, the sort of workouts I do to get even leaner, meaner and quicker during a fast, and a day or so after it ends when you really start to see – or feel – the benefits?

(For me, it’s so profound I’m thinking about the next fast as soon as I finish the first one, almost! Not quite, but you get my drift).

Anyway. Workouts?

I dont necessarily go all out everyday like I do when I’m not fasting but I sure dont sit around and do nothing.

One of the things I do is brief – or moderately brief workouts – throughout the day while fasting.

The second thing I do is not go super intense – this is important.

I basically follow the way of the animal as I do in everything else. (remember, my fasts are absolute, other than green tea which is basically water poured over leaves, nothing else).

This means, when the tiger goes three, four days without eating, it doesnt sit around, mope, and do nothing.


It’s walking – hunting – feeding it’s young – doing all those things as usual.

But it may not necessarily get in fights with other tigers, or other strenous activity at that time.

For me, this translates into sets of 25-50 pushups maybe throughout the day.

Or, some isometrics every couple of hours – for at least 15 minutes per stretch – I’m HUGE on isometric training anyway -and this holds doubly true while fasting.

This doesnt mean I CANNOT go all out if I wanted to. I’ve tried it, and I’ve noticed my performance on even exercises I do superbly well like basic pushups, pull-ups etc improves and skyrockets at the very time of the fast the “experts” claim you’re the weakest.

Yet more reasons to avoid the “herd” as I keep saying. Hehe.

Anyway …

Thats the tip for today.

Like I’ve said so often, I highly, highly recommend fasts every so often for everyone. Check with your doctor if you must, but for most people, LESS in is what they need, not more (despite what the “experts” tell you).

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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