Alligators walks, weighted bear crawls, and more…
- Walking outside, and ...

I was walking outside, out and about, and phone permitting, you guys should have a great new video out soon!

Not for any reason other than … well, I can.

And well, I was wondering about what to do in the winter sun – 25 pushups and 25 pull-ups seemed to be a good idea (today isn’t a big squatting day it seems like).

I was having trouble bear crawling at home, so I did that to my heart’s content there. WHEW!

And I learned how just effective two animal movements are – the famed yet not well known alligator walk – – and the WEIGHTED bear crawl!

The weighted bear crawl is self explanatory. We have videos on the bear crawl on our channel. Search, and you’ll find them.

And the alligator walk, well, it’s a toughie mentioned in Animal Kingdom Workouts as well – a derivative of the humble pushup that would humble most men, fit or unfit – and bring most people to their knees within less than a minute flat IF you can last that long.

And it will FRY your shoulders as well.

How to do them, well, you’ll have to get the book, or watch the video where I explain some of it . . .

And of course, Advanced Plyometrics, how could I forget that!

I’ve shown you a movement that WILL be there in that book, absolutely and utter BRUTAL, you’ll want to place your pre-order for this book NOW if you have not already!

Enjoy, true Rahul Mookerjee style –

And thats that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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