Training what I feel – as I feel – WHEN I feel . . .
- Except . . .

. . . except, in doer style I should say.

Herschel Walker once made the comment about “I just do an exercise and see how it feels, if it feels good, I incorporate it into my routine”.

From a true doer, that is sage – you know, every time I hear, or read about, or talk to a true doer, I can “so” identify with what they say, write, how they live, their emotions, and so forth (and most of all their THINKING which is what really counts!).

Yesterday was a heavy workout day for me, though I didnt plan it that way.

Lots of pushups, pull-ups, videos, animal workouts.

Not that many squats, so I thought upon waking up I’ll rectify that today.

But it depends how I feel my friend.

I’ll go with the flow.

Same thing for sets, reps etc for me, or even “what sort of pushup or pull-up to do”.

I let it come to me – as I do damn near everything else in life.

Now, the reverse of this, for lazy asses…

This does NOT mean you train “when you feel” – once a year for some apparently.

This does NOT mean you do exercises half heartedly, without proper focus, in sloppy form, be lazy when doing reps and so forth.

This does NOT mean you “do the exercise that are easy for you”.

And so forth.

What I said in the title above is only for true doers, and if you’re a true doers, you’ll know and understand – and probably agree with what I am saying whole heartedly and then some.

Anyway – the 0 Excuses Fitness System is a must grab for all true doers and fitness fanatics alike, and if you have not yet placed the pre-order for either Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness, or Advanced Plyometrics for that matter – do so NOW – these are truly gems amongst all the other gems, lodestones, truly once in a lifetime books and info every serious trainee MUST have on their bookshelf, and that is THAT.

Back soon.


rahul Mookerjee

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