The end of the fast report
- Short one!

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well, I ended my three day fast last night – at the dot of 72 hours, almost – perhaps 30 min more.

And before ending it I did such a massive workout with clubs – Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness, that my sore shoulders – ringing even now (it’s more than 12 hours post that workout obviously, almost 24 soon) – and my Triceps, and core in general – that explains part of it!

Of course, I was working bodyweight exercises intensely – even more than usual -throughout my fast.

True tiger style, when it doesnt find food, it doesnt mope about “I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exhausted, I have nothing to EAT!” or tired, or what not.

It hunts – even more so – and after that final successful hunt – which is as quick and agile and POWERFUL AS EVER – it EATS.

Big time.

So did I, I could barely finish all the food, but I stuffed myself. Hehe.

All healthy stuff, wheat, potatoes, LOTS of clarified butter, I could feel it entering my sinews and muscles almost!

Today, i was planning on another workout, but sore as I am – or more than that, as I feel myself getting STRONGER in a way that isn’t “workout stronger”, it’s different, you’ll have to fast for extended periods and then eat – and then you’ll know what I mean, you’ll literally feel yourself  “growing” (no pun) the next day my friend.

All I’ve done today is a lot of stretching, and I feel great, OK, I jogged a bit. Couldn’t resist!

But for me, thats nothing workout wise, yet, some of the isometrics I did are enough to kick most advanced trainees in the can – INSTANTLY.

So I broke several rules right there, did I not? Like I always do!

One, “minimize activity” during a fast is what the experts tell you, you’ll be SOOOOOOOO tired!


I had MORE energy!

Two, dont gorge upon the ending of the fast.


TIGER! Animal style ..

Three, “drink some juice or something to keep your strength up!”

Fooey again.

And four, well, I’m pretty sure they wont advocate tough, brutal workouts while on long fasts.

I’m sure I broke a host of other rules as well pal.

So be it.

I feel GREAT.

So will you if you follow my lead!

The Simple and Effective Diet, which is yours gratis with the 0 Excuses Fitness System has nothing on fasting – I thought about putting it in there when I came out with the book, but at the time I intended it to be, and it is, really “an add on for the latter”.

Therefore, be on the outlook for another book dedicated to fasting the way I do it, and you’ll be getting the results I do REGARDLESS of whether or not you’re currently in shape or not, fat or not, and so forth – if you just DO what I tell you.

In the meantime, GET the courses above.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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