As I walk meditatively up and down my living room …
- I thought fit to write to YOU!

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“Khane ke bad 100 kadam chalna chahiye, khana pach jata hai!” 

I still remember a certain Ganesh – NOT the God, hehe – we used to rib the guy so much by calling him “Bhagwan Ji” (God, since his name was Ganesh – though for someone i.e. yours truly who used to be called Jesus due to my olive skin and long hair back in the day, well, who the joke is on – you decide! Hehe).

What he said was the following, and he’s right

Walk a 100 steps after eating, the food digests.

In China, they have this saying –

“Walk 99 steps after dinner, live to a 100”

The above Asian sayings are old, passed down from generation to generation and damn true. Not verbatim but thats the gist (close enough in terms of being verbatim though).

Walking slowly, meditatively without thinking of anything much at all, letting thoughts show up, escape, I do it often – after a huge dinner (something to be said for the meal after the meal after the fast!!) – I was doing it in my living room, blissful, without a care, thinking how I’m so EFFORTLESSLY manifesting all I want in my life right NOW (and what hasn’t happening in reality as yet is on it’s way at warp speed).

And I wanted to talk to you, if just for the incredible health benefits of the above.

Most people do nothing but crash after a heavy meal.


I remember asking my wife to install a stove (with me) once after lunch. She complained she was feeling lazy.


She says she feels even lazier in winter, and so forth.

No, I’m not carping on her, the average Joe or Jane would say exactly, precisely that …

Yours truly is the opposite as always.

I recommend doing this after dinner, or maybe lunch walk amidst GREENERY if possible. In China, I do it in my apartment complex which has a beautiful “garden” all around the flats. (apartments).

All around, all in between, replete with massive water rats in a certain portion too which I heard the security guards turn into “rat stew”.

Knowing China, thats nothing. Hehe. Some of the things they eat!

Anyway – I often walk in the afternoons there, blissful, on the grass, feeding the fish, without a care in the world, hours pass.

Some of my happiest times happen that way!

At night, I was doing it today in my living room, and I can, as is the norm these days – “feel” the food literally digesting as I walk – sit -type.

Getting to that level takes practice my friend.

But you can start, and its not as hard as you might think …

Anyway, thats the lesson – take a walk, preferably at least 100 slow (yes, you heard me, slow, not everything is for “workouts only”) steps or more post lunch or dinner.

I haven’t eaten breakfast in forever, and neither will I ever – so I couldn’t tell you there. Hehe.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Walking CAN be turned into a very powerful exercise, if you do it right.

In Advanced Hill Training I tell you how to – and then how to work up to sprints – and then sprints on hills – and MORE!

This book is one of the “hidden gems” amongst all our others.

Get it NOW.

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