Why listening to Buddhas on the bed is always a bad idea.
- Hehe.

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Would you take advice from a fat man telling you how to lose weight?

Would you take sex advice from an eunuch?

Would you take … lets see, advice on growing HAIR – from a bald man? (or one that never grew his hair out at some point)?

Yada, nada, schnada.

I didnt think so.

Would you take advice from a lazy bum on “how to run your life and business”?

I didnt think so, my friend, yet, amazingly enough, 99% of the world seems to do nothing and do just that at the same time.

Last night, I was watching a documentary on Amazon “the World according to Amazon”.

I watched it mostly for Bezos, who is by far the only entrepreneur I truly admire and look up to – enough said on that one (Steve Jobs seems to be more popular, but for me, except for the great Henry Ford, nothing and no-one comes close to what Bezos has done, and he’s just getting started).

There wasn’t that much about him unfortunately.

In fact, the whole show was a whine fest basically, while watching, my overriding reaction was “so what”?

Amazon wants to be the go to online retailer, they whine.

Like so what I thought, thats a damn worthy goal to have.

Amazon wants to have a piece of the pie in everything.

Thats smart business, lady I thought.

Funnily enough, or aptly enough, a woman was doing the documentary with all the usual sob stories of “how Amazon caused this business to shut down and that biz”, and their well publicized battles in India (which to be honest the government is doing all they can to STOP them from succeeding even there) – while ignoring all the positives (like how many millions people have made from owning their stock for instance – no-one ever mentions that huh – or the fact that things can be delivered via Prime “next day”, we dont think twice about it NOW but back then …) …

They even had an ace programmer who worked on it when it was a startup, he started whining too.

“I’m not sure if what we created from a social perspective is something to be proud of”.

Typical whining from LOSERS!

To me, anyone thats serious about business should be happy doing biz with Amazon.

Contrary to what it’s made out to be – Amazon does NOT want it all its way or the highway – they go out of their way to make sure every penny a real biz man invests with them is returned manifold.

I know this from personal experience.

Of course, talking to idiots who have no clue on how to live life, do business in the first place – always an uphill battle.

Like with my wife, whose core accomplishments in life are sitting on the bed wacking away on the phone and gazing at moronic videos and sees fit to tell me “how I dont do my work well” – and “assuming the worst” all the time.

And claiming “but I have good vibes!”

I cannot help but thinking how STUPID she is getting by the day – stupider – every damn thing she buys falls apart, every penny she puts into something goes waste – right down to milk cartons suspiciously leaking or what not …

This morning’s Nazi feminist rant was fueled by “oh, SHIT, I woke up late, the daughter has disappeared as usual, and I gotta cook LUNCH when I never did the dishes like I was supposed to!”

If you can believe it, I volunteered to do them.

I did them for a day or so, she had a problem with that too.

“Whats your problem”, she yelled when I did the dishes and was done with them in like 12.5:45 minutes flat…

I time these things. Hehe. Life works on routine, the very thing people hate about Amazon, funnily enough routines and disciplines are what fuel RESULTS!

These Nazi feminists, my friend, I could have yelled back at her barbs and taunts, but whats the point?

It’s utter lunacy.

People are complaining about not having enough to eat, here when I get stuff, the damned fridge and larder are bloody well overflowing – her complaint is “you dont do anything well! This is too much!”

Like honey, dont eat too much then …

Damned fool I was thinking, not to mention the typical Damned if you do, damned if you dont.


There is a way to benefit from all this lunacy around you, my friend – from the liberals, the fat men who couldn’t run a mile to save their lives telling you to “lose weight” – from the Nazi feminists – the SJW’s – and so forth.

It’s not so much benefiting from trolls – you deal with those differently.

The above bunch though – my pathbreaking book on how to not only COMBAT – but win – against the SCOURGE that is Nazi feminism … will teach you how to do it, and none of the methods are direct, most dont involve even saying a word my friend.

But benefit you they will, while the rest droop in the summer heat, or winter freeze, what have you . . .

Last, but not least, those sage Bezos words that I keep in my mind all the time (to be VERY honest, I’ve thought of this for years myself).

“If you do something different, you have to be prepared to be misunderstood for long periods of time. If you dont want to be misunderstood, then for God’s sake, dont do something different!”.

I love how he surgically chooses his words, I’d be more brutal. Hehe.

Anyway – thats that.

Back soon – and dont forget – I just got done with my workout (interrupted by a banshee if you get my drift, ugh. I HATE IT! I’m breathing heavily in the zone, yet dumbasses just HAVE To show up to pester me) – have YOU got done with yours?

IF not, get to it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Chop chop, I should tell my lovely wife, hehe, oddly enough apparently that is what she is pissed about but wont be honest enough to say it…

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