How to get immensely VASCULAR forearms
- that LOOK!

I remember sharing a pizza with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla in 2017 at his place, or perhaps it was the early part of 2018 – I believe the former.

I remember him looking at my forearms – at that point completely relaxed, yet, you could – can – see the cords running up and down them arms like nobody’s business.

“You’ve got a nice chest, shoulders and biceps!” I still remember him saying.

Now, this guy is a solid boxer. Could knock my damn lights out, and he’s no slouch in the strength department (though when doing dips, I still remember him “quivering” on the bars – but hey that happens when you start with dips – guy’s got some decent strength though!).

But it’s something EVERYONE wants, along with the lean and mean look – it also goes ALONG with the latter, not in place of.

It is also a prime, prime indicator of your health and fitness levels overall, your CONDITIONING levels – most of all, your body fat levels.

And you dont necessarily need to be “skinny” for that sort of thing to show either.

This afternoon, I knocked out a super video on tigerbend pushups and regular pushups.

(I did two, but this one is just super!)

For a guy whose routinely trolled (and I love it, hehe) – for not having Sly Stallone’s photographer or angles or other nonsense, I gotta admit – I did put some “angles” in there , but I did them in a way to piss some people off (who judging by their reaction already done got pissed off, hehe).

But most of all, it’s great doing these out in the winter sun – and it’s a great little tutorial – and one of the Ship members (a fitness phenom in her own right is Madam “L” – we’ll call her) . . .  replied back with this.

“Love the vascularity on the forearms!”

Now, did I train specifically for that?


It’s a result of the type of training I do – if you train my way, you’ll naturally become lean and mean and cat like – so much so that cats will literally materialize out of thin air no matter where you go. Cut me open if you dont believe it, but its true!

Every damn place I go, I see a cat stalking damn near, and I love it – along with the hordes of monkeys, both human and not that I see so often around me.

Semi – jokes apart, this sort of thing is like “abs”

You can train the core all you like, even the right way, but if youre too fat, those abs wont show my friend.

Same thing for vascularity.

Don’t think you can lift a house and be FAT and say “but I do a lot of forearm work”.

That look only comes with minimal body fat my friend – and a decent amount of grip and forearm work done regularly.

Body fat being key, if you’re too fat, it simply wont show.

And theres no other secret to that.

If you want that sort of look, you have to be lean and mean, no exceptions to that rule.

And grip wise, well, Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) are some of the best, if not THE best training courses you can invest in my friend.

Do so NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This morning I got an email from a nutter saying (with regard to a prior email on Corrugated Core) “but more weight helps stabilize me during handstands!”.

Amazingly enough this clown thinks the “stabilization” needs to be done with the “backside”.

I swear, the nonsense people come up with to justify their laziness and “phat”  . . . Hehe. I give up – and I dont do that quite often! ????