My chili fetish
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Its no secret to those that know me that I absolutely love – and cannot do without spicy x 10 food.

Spicy makes it way to the name of one of my businesses too, so much do I like it. Hehe.

I find a way to stuff spice – and CHILI – into damn near everything. And often times you’ll see me eating dinner sweating buckets – with a small bucket of freshly picked green chilis by my side that I just “gorge on” like appetizers or side dishes.

I just bite into it, feel the fiery juices FLOW!!

Some of the stuff they deliver online in that regard – utter crap.

I’d rather buy it fresh from the markets, even though I pay a bit more (or, get it delivered fresh from the market is what I do, actually. Best of both worlds).

I remember a discussion a long, long time ago with Bruce Clark, a friend of mine – we were discussing my love for Tabasco (literally – restaurants in China have been known to HIDE the stuff when I come, knowing they’ll run out – and they have. Hehe) – and how I “found it spicy, but not hot”.

Then we talked about a pepper that is about 100x as hot, and I said yeah, that might be hot as heck – but it’s INDIAN food that’s really spicy. Damn!

With all the spices and a ton of chilis, you can literally set your tastebuds on FIRE with some of them reciepes (dont worry though – I’ve kept Dish Delicious more for the Western palate in that regard!).

China – there is a reason I love the food from Hunan province – and Sichuan province.

Fiery hot, especially them noodles – I remember gorging on them in 2004 when I wasn’t used to China, and then being on the toilet for ages it seemed like – the girl at the bordello I visited that night wasnt quite as amused about it as I was. Hehe.


She was pretty hot herself too!

Anyway – point of all this … Not just my love for spicy food, but let me tell you – spicy food – fresh stuff that is – is actually some of the best food you can put into your system.

Regardless of what the so called experts say about too much hot pepper and chili messing your stomach up and that, if you exercise your core regularly, if you dont go overboard with it (like I tend to, hehe) – it’s also a great way to keep sluggish metabolisms fired up – and digestion moving along SMOOTHLY, as opposed to what “the experts” tell you on that.

I wouldn’t recommend slugging down bottles of Tabasco, of course – or overdosing on Indian spices for that matter.

Personally, me, I love the boxed spices, but I’ve always found the green and red chilis to be far healthier overall, and they delivery the same knockout “spicy” taste as a lot of the boxed stuff does. (which I try and stay away from anyway).

Ah food, food, food … Hehe.


I just got done with a very sumptious dinner of flatbread caked in layers of clarified butter – beans – potatoes – tomato gravy – and of course, my favorite green chilis…

I highly recommend you add some spice into your daily food my friend – it will HELP your health in general, not harm it.

And that, my friend, is the reason for my “chili fetish”.

Yes, its even been linked to weight loss.

But hear me out.

If you’re a lazy ass that doesn’t believe in any sort of real workouts, if your main workout consists of “dinner table – potty walk and back” – then by all means cram chilis down your gullet — but that by itself wont make you lose weight or jump start that metabolism or even keep it going.

Nothing except working out regularly the right way will.

But if you’re already on the 0 Excuses Fitness System, hey.

A few chilis might be just what the ole doc ordered!

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee