The friendly neighborhood dentist done crushed my grip!
- He did. Hehe.

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So there I was, returning from the park – where I had great fun filming a LOT of new videos – and shorts.

You’ll want to check out the channel NOW – lots of great info – dips, splits, and more!

I seem to be getting better at something I never thought I’d DO initially – hell, I hate videos y’all know that, now I am almost enjoying them (in any case, when Rahul Mookerjee gets to something, he either DOES IT OR NOT! So, professionally done it SHALL BE!).

On the way back I met the friendly neighborhood dentist who does my daughter’s teeth – and damn near EVERYONE in this place I’m at.

In Indian, his name translates into “fluffy oily TASTY … flatbread”. Hehe. The kind that makes you FAT.

Lest you think I’m “dumping on him” – I aint. From the horse’s mouth, as you’ll see, though I wont mention him, but he’s a great guy, as we shot the bull, I gripped his hand, he almost crushed mine.

Now I knew the dude had a strong grip before, but this, damn!

For reference, he’s a huge bear of a man – and FAT – ultra fat – by his OWN admission.

For me, I asked him this –

“Did you lift weights etc at some point?”

He sure has the forearm strength for it.

“No” he laughed, pointing at his stomach – and fat – and then making some comments about the same which I didnt … well hey. He’s being honest about himself, which is more than what I can say for many lardasses globally – kudos to you, Sir!

But that grip, I couldn’t stop myself from mentioning it. STRONG!

“I do swim though”, he said.

Ah, I thought to myself, chuckling. He probably did more than just that – but as he laughed, and told me “I need it for my work”, I was like well – dentistry requires PRECISION, not brute, bull strength does it. Hehe.

I wouldnt know!

Maybe Hannibal Lecter would know.

Anyway – his business is starting to pick up which is great, back in 2020, all down in the dumps as it were.

Maybe we’ll send Glyn Bozo with his yellow stained teeth to him, trouble is Glyn would do exactly what the guy hates and what many here do with him – BARTER, or try to.

Like, when I heard that, I was like fuck – CHEAPSKATE CENTRAL – I mean, who negotiates a dentist’s fee?

Then again, it IS Asia!

And it just goes to show you – strength and fitness dont go hand in hand, but fitness and strength -well, the former usually is accompanied by a healthy dose of the latter, and then some.

All for now!

Be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

I’m back to watching the game, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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