Apparently the “longer you dont have sex”- the more you get a “Bozo Schofield type non existent wanker”
- Some of the things I see I swear...

I was uploading some more videos to Youtube this afternoon – for a guy that – a self professed “I HATE VIDEOS!” – a guy whose now started to enjoy them so much that I’m not only getting a hell of a lot better at ’em,  but can’t do without blasting the dumbphone while creating them, hehe – just goes to say. Never say never!

No Tik Tok though as YET. Never say never there as well, but I dont want the See Xi Pee harvesting any more of my valuable data than they already go – flip side, given you’re tracked through WeChat and Alipay from the minute you enter the country – well, they already know more than plenty about me.

Even the beggars there take payment via QR codes.

And given dumbphone usage in China is SO prevalent that if you dont use one, you’re like a fish out of water – many places wont even take cash these days – not to mention the new “virtual RMB” rolled out (different from WeChat money etc) … well, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

But again, another flipside?

They could care two hoots less what you buy, girls or guys included, hehe – or about the number of KTV’s you visit and do what not – so long as you don’t criticize them, everything else is kosher, WAY more open than even in the US or other places. Communist countries have their advantages, I’ve said this before.


So some video that kept popping up on you tube to the tune of “if you as a man dont have sex enough then you get a Glyn like non existent wanker which becomes more non existent by the day”.

Given the pretty face attached to the video – likely done for “likes”

Given the workouts these pretty faces do showing “it all” – granted, they’re flexible as heck but the import of those videos seems something else altogether if you get my drift, anyway, my take on it, and I didnt even bother listening to the video?

Well one, if I was on the other business, I could really write a lot – and ADD more to what Madam is saying, and two?

It’s the reverse for me – if you do it right, sexual abstinence can be such a wonderful thing “once you try it you’ll never go back” – no color puns intended.

Trust me.

Or ask Napoleon Hill.

Ask some of the old time boxers and wrestlers who refrained from weeks before a fight, ask ole Mickey “women weaken legs”.

To me, it’s not so much sex weakens you – maybe temporarily, but thats it but the BENEFITS You get from VOLUNTARILY going without are too numerous and INDESCRIBABLY AWESOME TO DESCRIBE HERE!

Trust me on this one, it plays a huge role in manifestation of ANYTHING does long term sexual abstinence (and it’s a key tool – reverse the game, hehe – hold it over THEM, guys – to bring a Nazi feminist to her mental knees VERY quick hehe – though there are more, this is one key too).

And so … size?

I dont know, to me it’s never mattered either way not because I’m well endowed or not, or I care either way but because – much like with any muscle, the “how you use it” or if you even can without “long you know what plumbing issues” as an ex once sagely told me about another ex or last at all, or what not – all of that plays a far more important role – to me, and to most women I know – in fact all.

When you cut past the B.S, it’s always about FUNCTION first and foremost, friend.

The only difference between, it ain’t gonna shrink if you dont use it long term, the REVERSE might happen if you get on some of my programs.

Whats all this got to do with YOU?

Well, our videos – NO hanky panky in any of them, and certainly no showing off going on.

Just hardcore brutal stuff that like with the series progressions in splits and dips, two of the best damn exercises you can do – get even more hardcore by the day.

You’ll want to check out the videos HERE – or on the channel.

And thats that!

Back soon – oh, the books that I did not link, I believe in the videos?

Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training

Corrugated core.

Have at. ALL of these manuals will have MORE exhaustive videos – paid version, much like with 0 Excuses Fitness, so stay tuned, for now though enjoy the free vids, and benefit!

And yes, I’ve answered a lot of questions y’all send me through email (thanks for doing that!) in these videos too (I’m sure given the subject of this email a lot of nutjobs will send me emails to the extent of “I want girls”. Ugh. Sorry. no dice!).

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of the great videos we put up?

Indian Prison Workout – literally, hehe.

(watch with THIS)

And then of course more splits!

#3 in the core torching with splits series – and stay tuned for MORE.

I’ll arrange them in better order shortly as well. For now, I couldn’t be bothered BECAUSE – the sun is SHINING, and pull-ups BE WAITING!! Hehe.

Back soon.

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