The power that comes from ONE!
- MAI!

My – or MAI!

Or, Mou, hehe.

My name in Chinese is “Mou Hua The” – and a certain Cindy, her of 0 Excuses Fitness “lovingly” christened me “mai” (for her, that was shortform for Michael, or the “pure relationship we had” according to her, anyway – I did give her a massage once, but thats it, and I had no “impure” intentions anyway – it was done while filming – after filming via dumbphone with her stiff shoulder, doing all the pictures for the book and steadfastly NOT accepting a penny from her “teacher” – that was the least the lao shi could do (lao shi – teacher)) …

Little did she know, of course,a few months later I’d meet a certain Suvi – who is now happily in Tanzania, who got my blood ROARING like nothing before – well, or for the moment anyway – and inspired yet another one of those oh so famous and popular erotica books – a very well received one as usual – and I finished 20,000 words in almost one sitting flat – definitely a DAY.

ONE DAY. One being key!

In Hindi they have a saying “Dus ka dum”.

Means, the power of NUMBERS.

But sometimes, just like that ONE DAY – – – one is all that matters, and is far more POWERFUL, power packed in every damned regard!

That was something.

Truly in the flow, time stopped mattering, everything did!

I remember “holding it in” as well, I had to finish THAT section, the bOOK!

I dont know if any of y’all have ever been in the flow that way, maybe, maybe not but the lovely Paula, y’all all know her.

She’s left some great superlative reviews on all those books.

She cuts past the BS.

She gets to the POINT, she drives into the MINDSET behind the actions – just like I do on everything!

Not to mention her superb translation on the books…

But today – or last night, she sent me a review for the book mentioned above, Madam has truly OUTDONE HERSELF on this one!!


Or, My! Was what I thought when I read – or listened, she did audio – to it!

“One look, one glance, that makes him IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO FORGET YOU!” 


It aint just the case with women or being hit with what they call “thunderbolt” in Italy.

Its the case with everything.

When that subconscious comes into play – one look, nay, one WORD – or even NONE – are the most powerful.

There is a reason the number 1 stands for manifestation and why I keep seeing it.

Because successful manifestation and success in any arena comes from the SUBCONSCIOUS.

THERE IS GREAT WISDOM behind these two sayings –

If you truly want a way to get it – you’ll find that way no matter what.


And it’s true – as is this “whatever the mind of man can concieve and believe, it can ACHIEVE!”


There’s HUGE power, the only power that matters when you take that ONE decision to get fit.

It has to come from the inside, not by me pestering you.

When you truly make the decision, you’ll know.

It isn’t about doing one pushup, and then more following, thats part of it, yes!

But the DECISION – that DRIVES that one pushup, and doing it regularly, THAT IS KEY!

It is how the subconscious does it, brutal, yet effective and the most practical ONE way of doing it!

And Paula, you’re right, I still remember Suvi, and all those women like it was yesterday.

Much like I remember being in a huge spot in 2018 and SO many other times, then that ONE action taken in the flow inspired by the subconscious, and voila, Houdini was free. I remember all those times so vividly like it was yesterday or a few hours back, or today.

Actually, it was – time is but a continuum to me!

sometimes I even wonder if I exist physically. Hehe.

Nah – kidding. I do!

Anyway – I had to tell y’all that.

Those in the know will GET IT.

And back to the physical – that ONE decision you make today to invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend, could well put you in the flow and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER – like Suvi and Joanie did mine in some regards. Hehe.

Invest now.

And start reaping your DUE rewards once you DO.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Thank you again, Paula! Just so APT! Hitting the NAIL ON THE HEAD, no PUN!