Revisiting the “Brooks Kubik” workout…
- Always one for the ages! Hehe.

When I was young (did I ever age? Hehe) – I was on a certain Brooks Kubik’s list who wrote the world famous email about “Rahul’s hill walking workout from China”, I still remember it so vividly, and despite me and my parents never agreeing about anything telling them about this.

“Wow, he put my story in his list!”

It was a bit late, but ole Brooks loved my tale – true story of course – even asked if I was in the military. Hehe. Little did he know!

Anyway, we often spoke about training.

About me lugging bottles of water up flights of stairs – one 20 liter in each hand – just like its done in China till this day. Builds immense strength and conditioning, if you lug A/C compressors up, that much ignored muscle in your chest might feel a tad compressed too! Hehe.

Brooks would tell me to fill it with sand as I got stronger. Hehe.

We’d rap back and forth about “waist whittling” – something Brooks is probably still huge on.

Anyway – as I “get out” of another one of those excellent, extremely VIVID (poignant too, though the vivid is more here!) dreams – I remember him once writing to his list about the “postman workout”.

Guy brought up in several parcels of his books, at the time he was living at the top of a hill, I believe in Louisville Kentucky.

And the workout was simple – not letting the postman lug it all up the hill. Hehe.

Simple, brutally effective.

Hard training has always been in my blood – even though I didnt always know how – and certainly didnt have the so called genetics for it.

It could be lugging “cases of beer up stairs” – a great workout unto itself – and not one my Mom, or yours would necessarily endorse. Hehe. Interesting, I never told them that, yet that was what they asked! (I was more talking about lugging GROCERIES UP) …

The same Mother who later proclaimed “I’ll never forget you pinch gripping our suitcases and lugging them up four flights of steep stairs, one in each hand”.

And I was actually out of shape back then!

But anyway.

Hills, inclines, carrying stuff up there – unbeatable and simple combo that just flat out works my friend.

Or even lugging your OWN ass up hills…

And Advanced Hill Training was one of those numerous courses written in the flow, chaos and bedlam around me, but the project got done serenely – Chinese New Year 2018 memories.

You’ll want to grab it now, truly has ALL you ever need to know about training on hills – or stairs – or inclines.

You can even port these routines and workouts over to FLAT LAND.

And it’s got a piece of me – from deep down inside, embedded in EACH of the pages.

Look, and you shall find it!

And thats that.

Back soon – oh – you’ll get SPECTACULAR results from training this way, my friend – nigh stunning.

The fat will literally fly off so fast you’ll wonder “looking down” – no pun, hehe – if it ever existed in the first place. No pun again for those in the know on the other biz!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Thank you mucho to tall lady helping out in the dream last night. That was one of the best dreams I ever had, so prophetic too as always!

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