Squat 101 -the WORKOUT! – and more.
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We’re on a roll aren’t we! Hehe.

The workout video for Squat 101 which lots of you have been CLAMORING for – is now … LIVE!

You’ll be able to access it from the sales page – you’ll see an option to purchase it either with the default download – or with the other options available.

Now, whats different about this video and what we did for 0 Excuses Fitness?

Well, lots of things.

First off, this video like with the Pushup Central workout – shows you that workouts dont necessarily have to have super high reps – so long as you keep going, dont pause for forever between reps, and do TOUGH variants of an exercise (whatever is tough for YOU, not what I or someone else deems easy or tough!).

Thats KEY.

Second, 0 Excuses Fitness focused on the basic Hindu squat, which is fine – here I focus on the bodyweight squat, variations of jumpers, and even give you some isometrics to stretch your thighs out at the end of it all. Trust me, these can make you sore – very sore!

I’m writing this at the time of uploading the videos, but they will be live very very soon – when you get this in your Inbox, they will be AVAILABLE for purchase.

Naturally with this invaluable in person instruction the price will go UP – like I always said it would for my books.

And so, you’ll want to grab this NOW.

Last, but not least, my workouts with Indian clubs on youtube – well, one of the videos generated this question – how much should the person BEND their legs while doing ’em high rep, and without a pause?


Basically in the video you see me going non stop for 100 reps, clockwise, counter clockwise, and I bring the HIPS into it – and I have a slight bend in the knees.

Now, thats one way to do it, but ideally what I do is keep the legs straight – ALMOST – and then torque from the midsection.

That variant blowtorches the lower back and core even more, I’ll have a short Youtube video out on it very very soon indeed.

But for now, remember – when you start, its OK to start light.

And it’s OK to have a SLIGHT – emphasis on SLIGHT bend – in the knees when doing these.

No more than maybe 5 or 10% if that makes sense.

Try and keep them straight if you can, maybe a 2% bend, and you’ll see what I mean by BLOWTORCHING the sides etc.

Alright, back to it.

Get these great videos NOW!

And place the pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness while the price is still very reasonable given what you are GETTING – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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