Building crazy grip and overall strength through isometrics. . .
- . . . and why most people do it WRONG!

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If you read the email on officious buffoons, you’ll know the day did not exactly turn out “sane” if you get my drift.

Not that it ever seems to around this neck of the woods, seems to be something in “yonder” air that yours truly “redneck” can’t wrap his brain around no matter hard he tries, and he wouldn’t want to either.

I’d rather think the way I do. Hehe.

Anyway, after all that, I made my way to another park, did 100 pushups in relative solitude, did some grip work (Gorilla Grip!) in NOT so relative solitude, pushed off to do splits, and finally, lo, suddenly, not only was I at peace, but so was the world around me.

Isometrics tends to do that to you eh?

Sure , but then I thought about the day and the video I was fixing to take on gymnastic bridging this morning before picking up the daughter from school, never got around to it due to situation with bearded Jackass basically – and some other crap at home I wont even mention here, as theres virtually no use and literally no point in me doing so. Ugh.

So there I was, sitting in the park.

In the splits.

I decided to do the videos another day, do some more grip work, trundle on home, then it hit me.


And thats the video I did out there in the park, including show you how to build super strength with these movements – how and why they UNFAIRLY get a bad rap of being “easy just hold the pose!” – and why anyone that thinks “they’re too simple” is a fool.

Last one, well, all the old timers, greats, Bruce Lee, The Gama, they did tremendous workouts for hours – which most modern day men in gaggles and scores couldn’t match.

They focused on the basics the most, that includes isometrics, when an idiot who wanted me to apparently hire Sly Stallone’s make up artist for the famous book “Isometric and Flexibility Training” which customers have RIGHTLY pointed out is the CRUCIAL link – missing link – that ties all my other excellent books (or the excellent info in those great books, as he said!) TOGETHER – and it’s the missing link in most peoples training too – anyway, when that idiot said “it was too easy” – I wonder what he would have told the Gama, for one, whose main isometric was pushing against a tree post or pre or during workout.

“When I can budge that tree, a man becomes easy”

Try explaining that to price wankers and morons, anyway, this great book, and the “sequel to it” i.e. Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training does NOT have a workout video out as yet, but we are planning on rectifying that shortly.

For now, I thought good ending to the day.

Little did I know, Fate wasn’t done with me as yet. Hehe.

I showed up back home, Yotube showed the video as uploaded, I deleted off the device, next thing you know, damn thing is missing. Aaarrggh!

All’s well that ends well though, as you see from the re-taken video, and why – well, the why its actually good things panned out this way is covered in the video. Truly, all for the better!

I’m exhausted,

Enjoy –

And get the books above “to go as well”!


Rahul Mookerjee

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