Why officious fools should mind their own damned business!
- Aggravating as heck!

So there I was, sitting in the park, without a care in the world – in the splits.

Then something happened which happens all the time.

Although the entire damned area was empty, some idiot HAD to come up to me – when I wasn’t even looking at him – and complain about “they need to water the park, I need to move”.

Oddly enough, they told me the same thing when I showed up two hours later yesterday, so I adjusted my time today.

I told them to wait a bit.

I was then approached by someone strolling in the park asking me to move (very politely) and I responded equally politely.

Then I was approached by an officious lookin bugger “Sir, please move!”

I asked him to please wait 5 minutes.

He shouted out something about “Sir has ordered you to wait 5 minutes!”

I responded “I didnt order. I’m requesting. It’s like I’m taking orders from you guys!”

the whole thing, so comical when I think about it in retrospect.

Of course, on go the sprinklers right then, I’m almost soaked, and getting furious – or sort of – with last dude.

“You’re in charge”, I went.

“So why not just wait 5 minutes like you said you would!”

And so forth.

He replied aggressively – without really foul language – “who the fuck are you”

I stared at him.

“Weren’t you in charge here?”

No, he responded.

“well then why did you come up to me saying … ” I started, but at that point it was too late, and he started on an angry rant about how he could kick my ass RIGHT THERE!

(oddly enough, I saw something similar on a whatspp video yesterday – some parent for whatever reason getting the same with with an equally officious guard)

(I dont know the precise issue there, but I can see why the parent was pissed – not so much excusing his daughter being late for school, but that school is a bloody joke to be honest, fake, show off, hardly even have any classes at all, yet they charge out the ass for seemingly F all).

Anyway – I asked fat guy – fat older guy – with a stomach the size of … Jupiter? why he was getting so pissed off.

“I thought you were in charge, so I got angry at you – momentarily”.

Then the strangest thing happened – I felt this urge to laugh, looking at this fat guy with a massive gut that hasn’t seen any sort of physical activity in YEARS – talking about kicking ass when he could barely move his own. Heh.

And I got it.

He was pissed I thought he was “in charge” as opposed to “what I thought of the other dude, a regular guy like me”.

Class divides is what was going on in HIS mind.

When nothing of the nature was going on in MINE.

Other dude interjected, I explained it to him, he understood why I was pissed.

Then I tried apologizing to fat guy.

Amazingly enough, with one apology about “I misunderstood that one”, his entire tenor changed for the opposite.

“It’s not your fault, Sir, it’s not your fault!”

I swear, the subcontinent, I Dont get this BS they have about class divides, and why people can’t keep their noses out of other’s businesses.

(and if dude was that pissed before? Now? Ah yes – I gave him the all important FACE BY apologizing -so fucking STUPID this “face” theory is both in China and India). And likely in Asia in general.

(Remember the idiot who once showed up with keys in hand wanting to box like a woman when his kid was pestering me while I was stretching “Im the lao wai in China, so I have to teach the kid English for free” bullcrap – if I simply said so much as “sorry” to him and did a show and dance of folding my hands, he’d likely do double.

I dont get it! I’d rather good ole Texas, where it’s “Welcome to Texas Motherfucker, double barrelled shotgun and “Chainsaw Massacre” – hehe – not really, but at least everyone knows where they stand without this indirect horse manure everywhere!)

Of course, why just in the subcontinent.

I will never forget the foreign devil who showed up in China at the park when I was doing pull-ups demanding to know “why I Was working my body and not my mind”

And he persisted before suddenly taking off like the wind when I turned my back to him and banged out 6 pull-ups.

People are just fools in general, the “sheep” that is.

Like, spend your damn time productively fella is what I should have told him …

Not that he’d understand anything remotely related to common sense? Hehe.

Anyway ………

So, some of the videos I had planned got delayed, I did mange to get some thick bar work in though

I’ll be heading on to a different and much larger, saner park in the afternoon as opposed to this “slum” like park I went to today, not that I give a rats ass about slums or slumdog (millionaires) so long as everyone leaves me the fuck alone, which apparently no-one wants to. Uggggggggggggggh.


Back soon!

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Rahul Mookerjee

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