The healthiest cheese ever!

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Something odd for a lot of people – my pictures of pasta lunches – literally swimming in thick tomato sauce – homemade!

Not canned, not tinned, homemade freshly squeezed tomato sauce and herbs and such if I want – and of course, a ton of green chili – raw – and fresh. Hehe.

But there’s one ingredient missing a lot of time – cheese!

Not that I dont love copious helpings of cheese and beef with my pasta.

In the good ole days, I wouldn’t eat pasta without that at all – these days, I still dont eat pasta for the most part – but the only way I DO eat it, and gorge upon it – is the presence of the tomato sauce my wife dishes up.

My, thats delicious – and equally healthy!

This evening I was going to take a photo of dinner as well, but it ended up going down the gullet FIRST before I could be bothered to take pictures.

It was that damn good, thick tomato gravy and cottage cheese – and spinach – all blended into one tasty paste with the cottage cheese tons of it – in the gravy.

I’ll have to take a picture sometime, but eating it, I was reminded of that Dish Delicious review – and I gotta give it to my wife – one of the best cooks I’ve ever known!

Yes, I call a spade a spade, but fair’s fair, I give her credit too when that is due, and boatloads of it (with the limited equipment she has right about now she does a great job) …

Anyway, dont get me wrong. I love cheese – but as of late, I’ve switched mostly to versions of cottage cheese – and I’ve never felt before.

Cottage cheese is low in fat, packed with protein – much like lentils – and while I’m certainly not against eating meat, you dont necessarily need to eat meat (chicken being the prime culprit here) jampacked with hormones to get your protein – there are far better alternatives, packed with not just protein, but vitamins and all sorts of minerals as well, and great for the gut, digestion, your entire body.

A rule of thumb – for vegetables – if its bright in color, it’s probably damn good for you.

The next experiment will be with potatoes and a thick version of chili … which my wife made once in 2015, I could barely eat it -it was that spicy – and if I could barely eat it, you know it was spicy!

Anyway, thats the way to live.

Great workouts, great FOOD!

Dish Delicious just goes with the 0 Excuses Fitness, so much so I’m considering doing a package deal or something for it, not to mention Volume Two of the former – long overdue.

And thats that. Back soon!

Oh, all the healthy stuff – and my daughter?

No-one’s happier than me when she eats it all, but she only does so apparently when Mommy tells her “Dad told you to eat this!”

And the dressing down I got from the little girl for “feeding her egg curry” (which if my wife told her it was cottage cheese she’d never eat it, even then it had to be fed to her hehe) … and a particularly tasty version of roasted brinjal and spring onions and the lot – and cauliflower – and other things – well, I’ll always remember ’em, so will she when she grows up. So it should be. hehe.

(given all the junk food she stuffs down her throat regularly, more than a dose of HEALTHY stuff is required too!)

Right down to the kicking dust when she comes back from school, wait until age 13 to see how that reverses. Hehe.


For a guy who once was so drunk at the age of 19 he put an uncooked hump of rump roast in the microwave and took a huge bite out of it while the BLOOD was flowing out of it – literally – or a guy who cooked salmon once so hurriedly it was half .. pink, I believe, or whatever color uncooked salmon is, pale white or whatever and then promptly had gastric trouble (I wont mention more, heh) … I seem to be quite enjoying the vegetarian stuff these days.

I’m sure I’ll return to my meat gobbling roots someday though …


Thats the update for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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