Another exercise that brutally exposes FAT – or the lack of it, hehe – around the MIDSECTION
- Not the pull-ups! Hehe

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Some people are so fat and take pride in doing pull-ups so comically that other than the walk from the “dinner table to potty and pulling their pants up” – its hard to imagine any sort of pull-up they do. I can think of five people right off the bat, all liberal entitled nutjobs that whine on about how they’re big – and not “fat” when the mirror itself says otherwise as do the plus size clothes they wear to “conceal that ever expanding belly ” …

Ah but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Today I did a long, long session of roadwork – good ole fashioned brutal boxer style elbows in RUNNING. Shades of Advanced Hill Training given most of it was done either on open road dodging traffic, or a hilly (sorta) park I often go to – or used to. These days, I go to another.

I went to this one today.

This guy who I met there in 2018 – I wrote bout him too – he was observing me do pull-ups, and wanted to do the same.

“I can never manage to do pull-ups”, he went today as well after exchanging pleasantries and noting “how good I looked” – and of course, when I told him “you can do it too!” – he noted how I used to be super fat before, far more than him (he’s seen the pictures) and congratulated me again on my transformation which I very graciously accepted, but all throughout, my tenor was on “you can do it too”

Alas, if only.

This guy was havin trouble with his weight too, he’d wear XXL shirts to conceal the girth – albeit Louis Vetton shirts. Hehe.

And now, after a few months I see him, and I saw he lost weight – yet, something was off.

A sunken look to his face, and he looked – not weak as I told him, but FATIGUED.

“Yes, he responded to my question about “did you stop eating or what??”

“Very little carbs”, he went. 

That sort of fad diet will do it to you, my friend.

But anyway he’s lost some weight around the midsection, some still to do, so I congratulated him anyway. Hey, results matter.

Then he asked me what I do, I laughed, told him …

I asked him what HE does.

Pushups and squats as always he went.

And then pointed to the thick bar I was working out on and said “But I still can’t do a single pull-up”.

I then proceeded to tell him how the pull-up brutally exposes fat around the midsection like no other.

If you’re fat, you simply wont be able to do ’em no matter how you try and convince yourself you’re not fat, I said. (not saying that to him).

He nodded.

And you wont be able to get chin over the bar for reps, let alone hold for time, I went.

Anyway then I asked him to show me the pushups he does, I knew something was off.

On the squats, he just goes halfway down.

And the pushups?

Well, he showed me a “pause and go” variation of the dive bomber, which I nodded politely and pretended to “learn”.

I did not correct form etc.

But then he showed me something, and I had to pipe up.

It was a decline pushup.

“There it is”, I said. “Those work the shoulders – and upper body into the ground – they’re excellent”.

But if you want to do CORE workouts, I said – the floor pushup is far better.

I’ve written galore about floor pushups vs handstand pushups.

I’ve also written about why the pushup is the BIG DOG of fitness bar none!

And it’s true, my friend.

You simply cannot beat doing slow and steady regular pushups …

As for why they work the core better, well, I did the best thing possible in that regard – I did them – both styles – and I put it in a fantastic VIDEO for you guys to watch and learn from.

Enjoy –

And remember, my friend, Pushup Central is the one and only book of it’s kind on pushups out there. I challenge you to find a book that is better or even comes close to it (no, trolly comments made by idiots who haven’t even read the book obviously don’t count) …. and I’ll eat my non existent hat, but it’s not tinfoil unlike with the Bozos, heh.

And thats that!

Back soon with the original video of the day, or what it was supposed to be (why you should not fear, but WANT negative reviews for your business, life, whatever you hold dear).

Yes, I realize this runs contrary to what most think.

But patience, grasshopper, much like the video I did on why you shouldn’t fear – but WELCOME trolls with open arms, this one is about a different sort of troll – which will be in Profit Troll as well.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As for dude, great guy, but I told him to work hard on pull-ups in 2018, he didnt, and now … well, he still can’t do ’em despite me telling  him galore “if I can do it, so can YOU!”.

Thats the problem, you can lead a horse to water.

But you can’t make it drink.

Ah well … (I was going to find what I originally wrote in that regard, maybe soon).

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