The “lovely” Marjorie Taylor Greene … and her NOT so lovely pull-ups!
- Hehe.

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I wish I could find the video to share with you guys. This was in 2020 apparently when  Greene, one of the politicians on the right I highly admire (though again, my man for President remains the SAME i.e. Mike Pompeo if he runs – I hope he does!!) …

Well, first lets talk Pompeo!

They were bitching about Pompeo the other day when he called a lot of America’s educators (teachers) a far more insidious and harmful enemy than external enemies, a lot of pansies and fuckwadded liberals had their knickers in a twist, including the school teacher he was referring to.

Well gee whiz, lady.

It’s one thing what consenting adults and Bozos do in the bedroom, so long as it aint shoved down my throat in the form of public parades, “accept us or else” nonsense and other utterly foolish and UNNATURAL LGBTQ nonsense (again keep it in the bedroom if you have to do it, thats fine but shoving it down everyone’s throat??) .

It’s QUITE another to teach kids as young as four that its OK to question your gender, that there are 72 genders – that there are more than just “male or female” gender – and – to teach them about sex in the classroom (remember, we ain’t talking teens here either).

Just utter BULLSHIT, Pompeo was right in what he said, of course, that opened him up to attack by the trolls – he replied in a sage manner only he can – remorselessly logical (I can be that way too, but I generally mix in a healthy dose of emotion hehe) – “come and debate me, there is no point in personal attacks”.

These idiots (libs) couldn’t debate their asshole if they turned their fat little necks to take a look at it – or if they ever got it out of it if you get my drift (the way Herschel Walker KICKED the other fool’s ass in the debate was classic, much like the Trumpinator literally almost gave Joe Blow a heart attack during the first debate simply by pointing out facts albeit uncomfortable ones).

Much like Rahul Mookerjes gives Bozos, fatsos, liberals and entitled sycophantic buffoons living in fantasy la la land while wifey wears the pants and pays the bills (if there’s ONE type I have zero respect for it’s that – not to mention the utter BS they spout all over the place – and it shows, hehe)  heart attacks and “rage attacks” on a regular basis.

Anyway, back to the lovely Greene. I’m not going to get into the more salacious thoughts I’ve had about her, but she’s a bit of a vixen in that regard, those thoughts are well warranted, and it’s a compliment – she could probably do a lot of things in bed that would give the average Joe a heart attack. Hehe.

Seriously though – I admire her guts for saying it like it is. Not saying I support what happened at the Capitol, but she’s right in that it could have been handled – or organized differently (by the way, all the idiots that claim Trump just bailed from the scene – no he didnt – Secret Service never let him accompany the crowd) …

But she’s spot on in her politics, and hey – what can I say – I kinda admire/like the lady! ????

And she was damn sure spot in terms of 2020 when the plague from China was running riot (now of course it’s Russia – in 2020, everything “bad” had China attached to it, now the liberals have found a new country to blame for everything – Russia! It’s hilarious, I can just hear Putin chuckling away at the “Russia flu” madness that people are griping about now, it ain’t even anything to gripe about in the first place…) … and she posted a video of her working out in response.

True dat, lady.

I say the same damn thing, any idiot that thinks vaccines etc (and I said it back then too) are required and are fool proof etc, nutjobs like Glyn shoving bleach up their backsides because Trump said it killed germs – well, the proof is in the pudding there about vaccines – and I’ve been saying it forever, ever since 2020 that vaccine wouldn’t be the solution and they likely wouldn’t work either.

I’m very proudly still unvaccinated.

And just as I predicted, finally, most countries have realized what people with actual money and business acumen think and how they feel about this rubbish – and quietly, except in China, most vaccine mandates for people entering countries have been – RELAXED. Haha.

I knew it would be, and it has now.

Anyway – Greene used to own a gym I think, did her own version of Cross fit or what not. Quite nice pictures from what I said, but the other day – my word.

She did some weightlifting in that video, maybe a stiff legged deadlift, I wouldnt know – I was concentrating more on the legs (sorry guys, hehe).

But then she did something utterly horrific.


In fact, I’ve made my disdain for kipping and pull-ups with leg pumps very clear in the past, they’re utter rubbish and utterly useless.

OK, like I said in one of my videos maybe if you’re trying to escape a house on fire yes, you do what you have to, but that isn’t the case when you’re working out every time is it?

And Greene – well, the only way I can think of to describe what she did was kipping x 100 and FLYING damn near all around the bar in a semi circular arc, not so much pulling herself up at all!

It’s NOT a variant mentioned either in “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” – or “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!“.

It never will be either.

I knew there was name to it.

I did not want to put that name here, but I know I’ll have people pestering me for it if I dont.

Its a butterfly pull-up, and if aside from lat pulldowns there is ONE exercise I recommend you NEVER to do it is this one.

Of course my saying that will mean some idiots or fatsos or Bozos will Google and try to figure out what it is, and even post videos of themselves performing this idiocy, by all means do so, but please dont blame me for blown out shoulders etc.

(I certainly aint gonna post it here. Thats not fitness!)

Greene herself likely did that as a publicity stunt, that woman ain’t stupid. Hehe.

And her build in that regard is pretty solid, she could probably DO regular pull-ups slow and steady, at least a few of them (and like I’ve said before, a lot of women kick men’s asses when doing pull-ups, especially fat men…) ..

But that, my word, that was just … horrendous!

We learn something new daily…


Thats the politics for this one.

Remember the 0 Excuses Fitness System, safe, sane and sensible – and for you liberals out there, consensual too, hehe. Pardon the Obama (i.e snake oil salesman) “bathroom” jokes I make in the videos though- but they’re true!

I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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