His shoulders were shaking like an ASPEN leaf in the TORONTO breeze!
- Maple??

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Or MAPLE!  Hehe. It reminded me of Marc the African Silverback Gorilla who could knock my damn lights out at mach speed, no wonder his name came through that way, hehe when I was typing it – an avid weight lifter and machine user – and when I got him to hold the up position of the dips – that happened!

MAN, the dude literally shook at the top!

His arms and shoulders were quivering so much you could see it, today, as a friend of mine showed up while I was filming some damn tough variants of the fingertip pushup (unlike what I showed in the video yesterday – these two are covered in Pushup Central -see thats the thing with videos, in the flow, on the spur of the moment, I can teach you so much more I couldn’t or didnt remember to put in the book, you never remember it all the first time or even second or third – so SIGN UP and subscribe ,like – y’all!).


You’ll want to check out the video below.

And be careful you have the strength and conditioning to do regular fingertip pushups in proper FORM WHICH IS TOUGH ENOUGH!

I know I sound ANAL about form, I always will, for a reason, and shaking like an aspen leaf in proper form – one reason.

My friend when he showed up – I wanted to chat with him but I was filming, to his credit he did not disturb me, I’m glad he waited around because I wanted to chat with him and  so I did.

Second reason – oh, on form – a couple of kids were yelling “there comes Rocky” when I was doing roadwork today, something I recently started again – shades of Advanced Hill Training on mostly flat land, just as effective.

And – Rocky didnt even wear the sunglasses? Hehe.

The iconic ones. More famous than I!

Anyway – point of this is to say ..FORM!

My friend has been doing a pretty good job losing weight -he had some weight issues, not completely gone as I wrote about the other day, but he’s getting there.

He truly is!

And he does pushups, dips, squats etc.

Now – – I have seen him do these before, but beyond a cursory “please do them in proper FORM!” – I never really said a lot more. You know me, I dont bother people when they’re training!

But today, as I was showing YOU proper form in the videos, letter damn perfect – well – I had to get him in on the action!

You’ll see him do several things WRONG in the video – including arm positioning etc.

But I showed him the main reason most fail at pushups even though they think they’re doing it right.


Yes, even advanced trainees are guilty of this sometimes during high rep workouts.

And anyone can knock out lots of pushups this way (well, not anyone, but anyone thats been doing ’em a while).

It’s the attention to form and detail that makes you STAND OUT, that puts you a cut above the HERD, that really gets your health and fitness levels going and turns even the most humble of pushups into an ASS KICKING exercise and workout for all levels when done RIGHT.

Thats why I keep saying QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

In Fast and Furious Fitness I tell you it’s better to do TEN pushups properly than 100 lousy ones, and its tru. You’ll see why in the video!

And … you’ll see what I mean about form – again. Hehe.

You wont see him really quivering in the video – partly, but the real quivering came AFTER that video when I got him to do squats – FULLY – ass to grass, not the rubbish he’s been advised to do them “just for thighs” – and when I told him to touch the chest to the ground on EVERY REP OF the pushup – and put my hand there for emphasis!

All lots of fun.

His face literally turned red at the end of it all like my little girls does when she does handstands.

And that, I told him, as I gave him pointers on BREATHING right – and GRIPPING right when doing pull-ups (see videos and Gorilla Grip for that) – are keys to getting in shape faster, and getting that CORE working and conditioned.

As Herschel Walker famously said, GET the core ready,. you’ll handle anything.

He’s damn skippy spot on!

Corrugated Core is a must along with the courses above – and watch the video – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Write back – let me know what y’all wanna see NEXT!

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