“Just use the thumb. You’ll see” ! (and why my voice always sounds so “keen edged”) …
- Can't believe I had to explain this - or THAT! Hehe. But I had to.

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Can’t believe I had to explain this – or THAT! Hehe. But I had to.

Sophia, that lovely Gorilla Girl is complaining as usual – this time about the husband losing his job.

I sighed.

It was the first time in months I spoke to her, and of course, pat come … the complaints!

Christ, Sophia, I started to tell her.

But then I stopped, no use.

“Dont worry. he’ll find another”.

“As for you? You can always find another man to dominate and take his money”, I quipped since she seems to be into that as well.

Usual talk with Gorilla Girl, no matter Glyn wets his panties every time I speak of her.


She then asked me the “keen edged” question before saying “what the hell”.

And I was like – Same ole same ole.

Sorry for messaging you, Sophia, I had to tell her.

I asked her what she meant by keen edged, although I knew. Serious, accusatory even …

“Serious, you mean”, I asked her.

Getting her to give a straight fuckin answer to anything, of course, women. Ugh!

“Yeah I guess” she went.

OK …

Then I gave it to her straight like I always do.

“Coz I’m exercising, cos training is serious business”, I went.

“Because most people worry way the fuck too much about things they should never worry about in the first place, if you’re dumb enough to depend upon a job, third party or one single source of income in this day and age, you deserve whats coming to you”.

I swear, she’s asked me the “but what do I do with my life” question so many times.

Damn if I know, Sophia. Figure it out!

People – ugh. Just buffoons in general most people act like

Before this, I was doing monkey bar work, really crossing the legs, getting into it.

Guy from yesterday shows up with a bazillion questions.

Now I’m the friendliest and most polite guy ever, but not during a set or workout, so I did not answer,he kept at it.

“What does this tax”

“What part of the body does this isolate” (despite me telling him NOT to focus on isolation the other day”

“How many times you do this” he said, getting impatient when I didnt answer

(I was on swing number 6 – ultra slow)

“Tell me, my friend!”

THIS is why I’m usually cranky as hell when training, and complain all the time about these people coming up to me when I’m exercising or taking videos. UGH!


He’s a nice guy, so I told him.

“Do it, and you’ll see”.

HE asked again.

“Do it, and you’ll see”.

And this went on for four times.

Finally he clambered up and said “I think I can do it one rung at a time”.

He did a few.

“Now, use the thumb”, I went – and “that will answer your question better than I ever could”.

I am, he said.

Where, I asked.

And he wasn’t.

It took him several tries, including one on the thick bar to figure out my constant and very rightful carping about “right way to use the thumb which God, Jesus Allah or Durga or whoever gave you for a reason, a damn good reason”.

You dont see an ape isolate the lats, do you

But plenty of human apes have been so programmed by the madness in the gym.

“Isolate lats for bat wings!”

“Do them without the thumb for more reps!”

“Kip until you can’t no more!”

“Get your shoulders massaged after every rep!” (Jassy, if you recall!)

And so forth, and along with the dont squat ass to grass advice being drummed into people this one is right up there, so though I Couldn’t believe “isnt it obvious” I kept telling dude, and then I finally showed up via handshake “how do you shake hands” – or “how do you grip NATURALLY!” … I guess its a fair question.

And this video shows you how.


Can’t believe I had to explain THIS – but it may be a question a lot of you have – so enjoy. Pics on the “community” section of youtube.

And thats that.

We learn something new daily eh.



Rahul Mookerjee

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