More on why implements can NEVER replace bodyweight exercises (done right).
- I forgot to put this in the video, it seems.

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We have been doing some great stuff as of late – some on our Youtube Channel, some paid downloads only (exhaustive workouts – which kicked even MY can – that jump rope workout I did on the spur of the moment on Sunday – the paid download – MAN! – I’m STILL feeling it, hehe – but after not jumping rope a while, I wasn’t even sure I could get up to high reps, so I sorta overdid it – you’ll see in the video. Hehe). . .

And one of these is on training with a tool a LOT of people have had questions about, have been sold on late night TV about – and so forth.

The Ab wheel – power wheel.

I showed you yesterday how to do beginner level planks and a few other things with this great tool, and gave you some tips etc on it – I’ll be showing you more great stuff with it as we go along – more on that later.

(and with kettlebells too).

But for now, as the greatest book ever on training with implements takes its “final shape” – Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness, there are two things I gotta say – one again, one HERE.

First, place that pre-order now before the price goes. It already has for Squat 101 and Pushup Central if you get the workout video too, and sales have shot through the roof as well on the former …

Trust me, squats kick your ASS in a manner NO other exercise or workout can. Plenty of other good ways to train legs and cardio, but nothing comes close to squats overall – nothing – and if you’ve done them you’ll know (and its obvious, look at what the numero uno exercises for most strongmen and old timers down the ages was – wrestlers, boxers, you get my drift!).

(till this day).

But – the second thing is this – implements NEVER replace bodyweight workouts, my friend.

Nothing ever does, nothing comes even close to replacing bodyweight exercises the way I teach you – which is “done right”.

NOTHING taxes you from all angles, directions, and forces you to use your body as an UNIT more than bodyweight exercises do.

Animals in the wild don’t train with weights – or “good weights” (such as the hard to grip stuff, like beer kegs etc which will give you a superlative workout if done right).

I’ve never seen a chimp do ab rollouts with the wheel, put him on it, I’m sure he could crank out reps willy nilly and break the damn thing in half too if he so chose. Hehe.

Best answer, probably what I gave my friend (this guy below) – the other day.

After the video he went on and on about the gym and how he “still” couldn’t do pull-ups, despite the record number of times I told him “if I can do it, so can YOU!” – despite all the tips I give him – well, he simply wont practice the right way, and if you wont put in the blood sweat and tears, it wont happen.

Even the pushups, I showed him right form in the video, but he doesn’t practice them that way when HE does them on his own.

So, it wont go anywhere – if YOU don’t do it on your lonesome – then all the books and products, even the greatest ones on the planet – will not do a damn thing for you, because it has to come from within you.

The FIRE, the desire to do more – do right – has to come from YOU, I can take a horse to water, but I cannot make it drink, nobody can.

Which is fine, of course, for him it’s more of a “pastime” sort of thing I suppose.

To each his own.

But as he went on about “gyms build real, true strength!” (the machines), I asked him ONE question – which given by the expression on his face he KNEW the answer to (and a prime reason I don’t generally discuss training with people that are not really into it, mostly a waste of time)

“Lets assume you gave up on the pull-ups, went to the gym, did the machines – as you have for a couple of years” (which he has ).

“You come back, can you do pull-ups?” 

He grinned wryly.

Enough said eh.

Then I asked him, what if you get damn good at pull-ups – THEN see what you can crank out on the machines?

He hasn’t done this, of course, but the vociferous manner in which he agreed with my drift seemed to indicate the initial question itself was a waste of time , and he knew it. Hehe.

Now, machines in the gym are mostly utterly useless, and dangerous (lat pulldown – ugh!).

The bench press too – though thats at least somewhat productive if you do it RIGHT (most don’t).

Not all implements are useless though, especially not the ones I will show you in Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness.

In a manner only I can …

Reminds of me of what someone once said about “it can be improved”.

In other words, nothing replaces bodyweight, however, certain implements can be used – IF you so choose – along with your training – to benefit you further.

Thats all there is to it.

Like I said in the video, do you NEED them?


Do you NEED to do pushups, squats, and pull-ups?

Hell yes, if you’re in any way serious about your fitness (real fitness). (if you’re not it will show, plain and simple).

If you say “I did this on the machines, no need for pull-ups” – sorry but you’re fooling yourself pal.

Perhaps the best answer comes from John Walker’s review of Animal KIngdom Workouts – truly one of the best books around here, and that is saying a lot.


This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one’s own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you’re a clown and quite clearly you’ve never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you’d know what’s important in a “training book” which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, “I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style”.

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

And that says it all doesnt it?

Forget the Glyn part or so the called typos he was complaining about or whatever it was, there werent any typos anyway in the book – anyway, I dont want to bring that fool into it. Ugggh.

Focus on the bolded parts, what he says.

There is NOTHING that replaces, or even comes close to – either in terms of benefit or intensity – or fat loss – or ligament building – or whatever benefit you think of – bodyweight exercises done right.

And the hordes of idiots running around wacking off on the lat pulldowns, the hordes of fat guys claiming they’re “big” and throwing weights around in an awful manner but couldn’t do a proper pull-up to save their life and so forth … well, all of this just proves it (the pull-up is but one example of what I’m saying, replace with handstand pushups,  dips, any sort of bodyweight exercise you can think of, even the regular pushup – how many people can truly do 50 at one shot in proper form?)

This one, truly a HARDCORE book along with Battletank Shoulders, both make for great and REAL Christmas gifts by the way, if you’re truly interested in gifts that “keep giving” as opposed to the B.S. most people want.

And that, friend is that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A shout out, and huge thank you to all our great customers buying our books and products from other third party websites we work with. But remember – to get the videos, you must get them from here!

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