The type of pushups Olympic sprinters do to build EXPLOSIVENESS like no other!
- The real deal!

Shredded bodies, upper body development that would put the bodybuilding Tom tom’s to shame within a nano second – rippling throughbred legs and more – carved abs – hard bodies – oozing testosterone and attracting members of the opposite sex without even trying – all of this describes a sprinter’s bodily development “in very brief”

Truly specimens they are, and not just the males – even the “water fairies”, as an ogling dude called a swimming champ once – in a movie – the women too!

Movies, ah.

As I said in the video today I was watching a movie last night.

Modeled on the great Indian sprinter Milka Singh, this movie was nothing great – tosh in many regards I’d say.

I have not finished it as yet.

But much like Rocky Balboa, which I thought was a great ending to the series, no need for “Creed” – you watch it for … well, the training montages and sequences.

And Farhan Akhtar, the star I believe does a pretty good job of training the way sprinters do!

You see him run up hills – do hill sprints – when he gets better – he’s told to do it with tyres around his back – when that gets easy, he jumps rope with ankle weights.

He pumps out pushups and pull-ups by the dozen, and does sit ups on the dipping bars in pouring rain.

He loses sight of glory for a woman once, the second time around he remembers and does not make the same mistake again!

Anyway – all of this should give you a pretty good idea of the “masala” flick it is – nothing great, I’m not even sure if it truly depicts the Flying Sikh’s life as it was, though many details are spot on.

Movies, they can never come close to either a well written book or real life.

Anyway, one style of pushup he was doing – I could identify!

It was plyometric, explosive, and great.

And I cover it in my most recent video –

Damn, I’m getting so good at these videos – this for a guy who “hated” videos, truly – when Rahul Mookerjee the bodyweight exercise Guru decides to really go the whole humpty on something – there is NO-ONE that can or does it better. Like I keep getting told “do it! You’re the real deal!”

That I am, my friend. Everyone knows it. Hehe.

And pardon the Tom Tomming, I’m just in such a blissful mood after a nice warm empty park, and plenty of sales rolling down the barrel while I’m doing pushups, relaxing – that … well, my mood!

Anyway – Advanced Plyometric Training has 55 such movements – as of now, the number might increase – that you will want to see even if you aren’t specifically interested in plyometrics.

Taught in a NEVER – EVER – seen manner before, these will truly take your body to the next level – and your conditioning levels to “Mount Olympus” if you get my drift.

And don’t worry about what idiots say when they see you doing these.

As they told Milkha, if you want to fly, dont focus on the low hanging fruit. Hehe.

I never have!

Never will – it’s just as easy to shoot at a fruit x3 or more that height, anyway – point of this – place that pre-order for Advanced Plyometric Training NOW, as believe me, the price – especially with some of the stuff I’ll teach you in this book (and the workout video) – has NEVER been seen before – period (much like some of the movements in “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD – within WEEKS!).

Lots of people have written back to tell me how they love the youtube channel, how it’s growing exponentially by the day – and the sheer manner in which I do things.

And I dont blame them – I do too!

If you’re part of that group – THANK YOU!

But, you’ll want (as you know) get all my paid videos as well, as (as you know again) – what I share in the free youtube channels is but the tip of the iceberg in terms of my overall knowledge and skill set.

Truly, as a customer said about 0 Excuses Fitness “why go out for a burger if you’ve got steak at home”.

Unless you’re Penny “one cheesy burger too many” man (or woman, these sorts canot seem to decide their gender, even) who sits at home – wanks all day – does NO work – depends on his wife for even the most basic of his financial needs – and is a copycat “el incarnate” to top it all off.


Poor wife (his).

I’m firmly RED PILLED (and in that movie, I couldn’t agree more when Milka was told to forget a girl who deserted him for another man – women in general have a tendency to either hinder or downright ruin any sort of chance at real achievement – boy I should know from past experience!!)  – but I do feel for the girl, stuck with, as Taylor, a girl from Japan said “really, pathetic!” – said about this dude. (she ain’t the only one, of course). She noticed how he literally hangs on every word I say and eagerly tongue out copies to the letter what I do, then shakes his head mournfully when he can’t make a single sale.

Abuse can come in many forms, direct or indirect… I’m sure she’s with him for some “reason” though.  No girl in her right mind would want to be with a mooch like that and no girl’s into being treated that way too – even the lovely (not) wife once told me that. (and you know if we agree on something, the sun rose in the West. Hehe).

I do find the hypocrisy of this liberal sort interesting though, swangin from one end of the pendulum to the other, if they make even a cent off anything they’ll promote it no matter what, if they’re too much of a loser to do so even with the most basic of stuff, they’ll do a U turn and claim “its shit” when they’ve never even seen the product on offer. Total Biden like lunacy – hehe.

Just, as Taylor rightly told me about that sort “LOSER”. And she’s right – guys like that, just utter trash, even the liberal women they so want would tell them that in a heartbeat or less…

Anyway – that reminds me – if you’re a cheapskate or price wanker, might as well stay away from this product (and the rest of my products in general).

Same thing for weepy sorts and do gooders “oh, Golly, how dare he price his products high!” sorts … do stay away (i know you won’t which is the fun of it all hehe) (laughing all the way to the bank).

If you’re a doer though and interested in “shoulder sizzlers of workouts” – no, not my term – a customer recently wrote about the Squat 101 workout video “leg sizzler” (which it is!) – then by all means, click through HERE and place that pre-order now.

And thats that!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If YOU would like to have a lifestyle where you’re laughing all the way to the bank while at bliss, peace with the world, and doing pushups in the warm sun outdoors or whatever your little heart desires, learn to live in the flow. Go from – truly – ZERO – to TRULY again – HERO! – with my course on it – Zero to HERO! 

Puts what most of these idiotic so called self help gurus have to say so far in the shade it ain’t even funny, and I’m just getting started!