Drop and give me …. TWENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
- DO IT - soldier!

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Drop and give me TWENTY – aint that the TRUTH, brother!

I can hear my buddy from the Marines nodding, and saying (when he was somewhat unfit – I didnt categorize him as so, HE did) – “but I can still do 10 pull-ups”.

That is real fitness, strength and conditioning – THAT IS THE MINDSET!!

Marines pride themselves on their ability to crank out pull-ups willy nilly, on command, in their sleep – nigh effortlessly, like I do, so they should – so I should too -well deserved!

I still remember an idiot who goes by the name “Evangelist” claiming I “linked my workout with that of the Marines”.

Well, fuck.

Hell yes I did – and a few Marines – my buddy included – did too!

I still remember the conversations we had over BEER.

One about a guy “about my size” (which I told him I was SMALL – David compared to his Goliath) (and he replied with “Rahul, you’re NOT a small specimen you can tell you work out!!) – who did 150 “elbows in pushups” (boxer pushups as I call them in Pushup Central) in ONE SET.

“Thats damn good, did he do them without resting, in one set”, i asked incredulously.

Yes, but – here’s the kicker!

“HE did them in one set” replied my friend from the Marines.

“But he didnt rest”, I pressed.

Oh yes, he did, my friend replied. “in the downward dog position” he told me, showing me the position.

Now dont get me wrong – thats still impressive numbers given all else the guy no doubt did that day.

BUT – that brings me to me, and today – and our style of training we promote around here at 0 Excuses Fitness.

Or, Fast and Furious Fitness where it all started – one of those products that is even more for EVERYONE (although all my products are that!) – than 0 Excuses Fitness.

It doesnt have a workout video – or it didnt – now it does!

This afternoon I was doing pull-ups, wondering which video to take – and then it happened!

41 pull-ups in (I planned on 50 initially) I abruptly dropped down, cranked out 20 pull-ups – and then … posted it on my channel.

It’ll be there for now for a couple of reasons. (though I will remove it soon, since it’s also in the paid download section) …

One, you’d be surprised at the number of posers, preeners, and wannabe fitness fools (and trolls of course) – and fat fools claiming “they’re big but not fat” that cannot do ONE pushup in proper form, let alone 5 – or 15 or 20.

Two, in Fast and Furious Fitness, I take it a step beyond what drill instructors at the Marines do.

I state very categorically and I’m dead right on this one – ANYONE should be able to do 25 pushups in proper form if they’re serious about their training, or claim to be!

Much like if you ain’t squatting you ain’t training, period (fact, sorry) – and the fat rule, i.e if you’re fat you’re fat, period – you’re NOT fit or an athlete or ANY nature – THIS should be, along with “pushups are the big dog of fitness” – ANOTHER cardinal rule of training, serious training that is.

Actually I take that back.


Not “should be”.

And so, I figured I’d put this out, and show you how to REST between reps.

Not the way most do it.

The way you SHOULD do it, WITHOUT taking ANY of the pressure off the arms and shoulders!

You’ll want to see this NOW, my friend.

THAT is how you progress to real high reps – done right!

Marines, now they train for other things other than simply conditioning so they might be forgiven TO AN EXTENT (to an extent! not completely) for poor form or sometimes slouching etc during reps.

You the fitness trainee will NOT.

Should not either.

I remember a conversation with my friend from the Marines when he was saying “yes, your way is the by far the best and right way to do pull-ups” – but then he interspresed by saying their goals were different, which I Agree, they do it to escape from a variety of situations, or to save their life, quite literally.

YOU should train for that purpose too!

Who knows, you may find yourself in a position like Sig Klein (old time strongman, what a GRIP!) was – where he had to literally propel himself down a drainpipe to escape a house on fire, literally – maiden in one hand.

Or, like the great JOhn Walker who had to literally save his nephew on the cliff from plunging to a horrible death, life or death situation!

You may not.

But it’s great to have that strength and conditioning in reserve if you need it!

Id forgive the average fitness enthusiast for not being able to pop off 10 perfect shots with a handgun, not a Marine. Hehe.

Similarly, Marines – that dude still gets kudos

But for you?

So do you.

But you can do it the way it should be done, and skyrocket yourself to even further gains in strength, health and FITNESS!

So it aint about me – my friend. I could easily bang out 100 if I want to, but this is about YOU, showing YOU how to get to advanced level or some of the steps, anyway – from a “near zero level”.

Without further ado – here it is –

And final word –

All the trolls that will no doubt ape me and put out their own version of this – please do not do it without prior training which most of you do not have.

I can think of at least 7 right off the bat, if I included “Keith James”, “Evangelist”, and the Bozo Glyn – that’s 10.

Fat Benny “Blue Light Special” or Blue Balls special since apparently he’s almost 40, never got laid goes the grapevine, couldn’t if he tried, what a fool and moron – is #11.

There are probably 111 more, some of whom even take the time to write lengthy indecipherable rubbish about what I say.

All good, but I dont want any of this posse, Glyn excluded to injure themselves, therefore. Hey. I’m kind too sometimes!


And thats that – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I still remember a certain Brooks Kubik saying “thats great!” (upon listening to the “Rahul’s hill walking workout from China” (later to be his email, hehe) and then  asking me “Are you in the military” ?

I replied in the negative, my Mom later said “what you do is so tough ,no wonder he asked!”

And that, coming from a man like Brooks. Highest praise and HONOR EVER!

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