Why every self respecting man needs to give his woman the BARE minimum – unless…
- ... you want to court the plague that is Nazi feminism!

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It’s ludicrous, the way things have become – the way society has gotten – abnormal and weak to the point you have to even think about using the term man or woman – but this isn’t about that.

This is about a video I did – for a product that unlike my fitness products hasn’t reached as many people as it should – but I’m fixing to change that

That product is this – How to not only combat -but benefit at the highest levels possible from the plague – nay, the SCOURGE in today’s society – that is NAZI FEMINISM!

I know I worded it differently, but thats the gist of it.

Lots of guys need to hear this – but if you’re a real man , by all means hear it – if your a cuck fed up with this female superiority BS that has even found its way into law in certain blue states like NY, Cali (ever wonder why people with real money FLEE those states and come down south with US – to Tx, Arizona and so forth??) … if you’re a liberal, Bozo, cucktard, or part of the majority that believes “oh, give the poor girl everything she wants, she’ll keep you happy!!!!!!!!!” – or, “happy wife = happy life” – then please do NOT watch this.

I repeat, do NOT watch this if you fall into the last category.

This afternoon, I could have got into another yelling contest with my wife failing to perform even the most basic of her duties and responsiblities despite me going above and beyond in that regard – literally!

But attacking her back directly would do no good, and harm me.

You see, society has gotten to the point a woman can damn near stick a knife into a guy, the cops will hem and haw on taking action – and other women, mostly will appluad it.

Same thing happens to a woman, watch how quick the cops show up.

Men get a bad rap for treating women unfairly, yet, there is great truth and wisdom in TWO sayings

One, and women say this themselves “women are each other’s worst enemies”.

You should see who is responsible for abusing the very maids that women in the subcontinent for one love to “keep” – true the men get horny, but the real vile cases of abuse, including against child labor – come from WOMEN.

Fact, my friend – Google’s your friend if you dont believe me.

As my daughter started to cry as my wife broke her heart yet again on cycling because “her leg was hurting” because she had to get off the bed and run – or walk – with her a bit – I was thinking “fuckin PATHETIC!”.

I was thinking “what a great way to shirk your duties”.

I was thinking “fitness is a personal responsibility, blaming others for it wont and doesnt work”.

No sense talking sense to idiots though.

It’s gotten to the point though even these damn liberal leaning judges will give women everything when they dont deserve it – case and point being when the women out earn the men in many regards ( when they do) – and the man gets to pay alimony out the ass – women get off scot free without doing anything!

Women get all the rights – no responsiblities.

And society in general seems to have accepted this – except a few of us that HOLD strong against the bullshit going on.

And will continue too, and oddly enough attract way more women this way than the idiots who lick women’s feet and put them on a pedestal (read liberal loons).

And two, the sayings about “women being referred to as cats – cougars, tigresses, and so forth” …

Dont get me wrong. I greatly admire cats, everyone knows this, but loyalty is NOT amongst one of their more admirable qualities my friend.

Dogs are the most loyal – or perhaps even bears – the very animals men are compared to.

There’s a reason behind the sayings, it might sound crazy but it isn’t – it’s fact, plain and simple.

Bottom line, as a man, you need to understand it’s HEAVILY BIASED AND SKEWED against you – to begin with – the entire system these days is.

These days it’s not about what the liberals whine about i.e. “white supremacy” – that nonsense done ended in the Jim Crow era, these days it’s the liberals and whiny morons that have the upper hand and this BS about pandering to minorities and women, and so forth …

And that, my friend, is the takeaway from this (with a lot else as well too much to list out here) – as for the video, well, WATCH it – but only if you’re a REAL MAN!

And learn from it.

Remember too, to pick up my pathbreaking course on not just combating – but BENEFITING at the very highest levels possible from Nazi feminism.

This video is one of many explaining just why I’m so uniquely qualified to bring you this sort of thing -in EVERY regard with as much PROOF as you liberal Bozos disagreeing with this may want to see.

Last, but not least, a prior affiliate once whined about “why this on a fitness site”, well, you fat fool living on your wife, and cuckolded by her as well most likely, it’s because real men and real fitness go together as opposed to belly hangeth over pants whining about why you shouldn’t be doing squats and pretending to be a fitness affiliate of all things (when you cannot even sell the most basic of fuckin things, when you can’t do a single pull-up in proper form or at all, when you make every excuse in the book not to do squats or real workouts –  total utter freak and loser in short – but then again these liberals are this way).

And he isn’t the only one either, this is not so much to “just him” as the entire fuckin posse of looney tunes out there.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I know I didnt give you the answer directly, you’ll have to watch the video for why.

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