My eternal “undying” love for stairs.
- Rightfully so!


I was thinking about many things last night – most notably, some of those odd comments that come from people that you KNOW you’ve hit the nail on the head and pissed them off so when you say it!

For instance, Bozo Glyn and when I called him out on all his “fetishes” and I counseled him, I told him, Glyn, it’s OK – we all have different preferences.

And if you stop “harassing people late at night” (like a certain Josie, for one, one of many) – then maybe, if you act like a human being and not a drunken troll, maybe they’ll take the time to talk to you FIRST – its not about just “Madam I want this!”

It was hilarious, my attempts to teach that 30 something so called man things a schoolgirl would know i.e. something like “you dont just ask her for sex like you say Good Morning” (now if you’re in a relationship, thats different, but if you dont know her from Adam or Eve!).

Anyway, I tried helping Glyn, like the bally scorpion he is, always was – always will be – he stabbed me and so many others in the back.

Truly, like my buddy Rueben once told me.

“You’re too nice!”

That I am. I believe in being nice to people, trying to help people, but you try and help some people, be nice to them – there’s no point.

And being nice doesnt mean molly coddling. To me, it means true helping ie. pointing FACTS OUT – no matter how brutal they are – that is how we – all of us – really improve i.e. by first acknowledging, and then STRENGTHENING our weak links (we all have ’em).

Most fail – or balk – at the first step, ie acknowledging, and without that it will go nowhere my friend.

If you cannot stand in front of the mirror and be honest with yourself – you are going nowhere until you man up and ARE.

You cannot hide from yourself, my friend – fact as clear as daylight, or so it should be, at any rate…

Anyway …………

I often titter when I get angry retorts (upon pointing out uncomfortable FACTS about people that are nigh TRUE) to the tune of “dont judge before you know what is going on!”

Or, “You dont know what I am doing!”

The sheer impotent anger and rage behind those words, the vibes – well, it proves I dont just KNOW exactly, precisely what they’re doing – I am ON POINT as well.

If I wasn’t, that anger wouldn’t be there!

Or, the “sudden overly aggressive response from Glyn” – NO, I’m NOT INTO THAT!

If he had been calm about it, I’d maybe have thought differently!

Those reactions give it away – every time – and they will be covered in Profit Troll, because a lot of these people – it’s funny and hilarious how you can use these very reactions to mint money for your business – or bring other good things into your life as well.

(not to mention, the time spent saying all that – why would this person not tell me WHAT they were doing then, hehe. Because guess what, I was spot on, they didnt want me to be, but I Was!)

I get these reactions from trolls most often, now we’ve covered their lunacy, price wanking, living on another planet part galore here -let’s focus on something else today.

Let us focus on …FITNESS. Serious stuff.

Recently a fat wanker who is too fat to do either a pull-up or squat in proper form and compensates by doing step ups whined (multiple times) about “he never did step ups”.

To point out how ludicrious this is, I have an email from this same troll telling me (a couple of months ago) “how much he enjoyed my email on step-ups”.

Truly, this bunch makes fools of themselves with me not even getting involved – they promote me like the best thing since sliced bread, then when they figga out I’m of the “aint nothing free in life Jake” mentality – they go the other extreme and slag everything yours truly does.

Its hilarious.

I enjoy every minute of it, and truly welcome it. And it brings in sales like nothing I could do would. Hehe.

But that isnt the import of me saying this.

The reason I am saying this, to say a guy like me who literally spent years of his life climbing stairs in weather most wouldn’t even get out of bed of – or get out of A/C for – it’s just hilarious.

That hill that kicked my ass way back in 2003, along with Ann Lee’s “censorious” look weeks later when I whined about “but maybe I’m too late from work to climb daily at night” – got the ball rolling.

All mentioned on the Advanced Hill Training sales page.

That hill – and this was pre-dumbphone, but I have .. well, not pre-dumbphone, no. Or yes, well, 2003 was pre-dumbphone, but although I NEVER took my phone with me while working out – strict rule – plenty of girls draped around me in those pictures you see did – and well, they took pictures, videos, the whole shebang (for me these days I always take my phone with me while working out. Hehe. What a sea change for the guy who “hated videos” and now can’t get enough of ’em! And neither can his fan base) …

The guy who can barely lift his shoulders up today after that late night handstand pushup workout!

Anyway, that hill.

Steep, long, and ALL the routes bar one?

Had solid steep STEPS which I climbed multiple times a day, I used to climb that hill at least 5 times – if not 7 and this mode of training, well I did it exclusively for YEARS, my friend.

Yes, years.

Ask any of the workers there, the  old man and his wife selling trinkets at the top of the hill, the security, the girls, anyone.

Ask anyone on Qi Feng mountain about the crazy foreign devil soaked in sweat – even in winter – showing up at the top of that hill “yet again” when most were resting. Ask Anne. Ask anyone! Hehe.

Those steps, my friend, have been shown in 0 Excuses Fitness, so has the hill …

Brooks Kubik’s emails on me in 2003 highlighted them …

So for fat fools that are too lazy or unable to do squats and claim “only step ups work!” – well, its just hilarious if these trolly sorts talk about Rahul Mookerjee not knowing a little something and then some about stairs, hell, I hate modern day gyms, but the Stairmaster is still a piece of equipment which I regard as being somewhat productive (nothing like the real thing, but still pretty good!).

Stallone would know a thing or two about the Stairmaster. Hehe. He’d strap heavy backpacks on and go for hours!

Anyway – why just hills or machines?

Ask the CRPF in Delhi about the crazy guy, laptop in tow sprinting up subway stairs …

… and BASHING (once) into the doors of the train just as they were about to shut, such was the force of the momentum, the entire carriage literally shook.

The door opened, and stayed open for another 2 minutes or whatever the time frame was.

Or, during my phat phock days when I – and this holds true for me when fat, or not fat – if I see stairs, damn, I’m going to climb them no matter what – once went to a company, climbed 7 flights of stairs to get there – lady asked me “why didnt you take the elevator” or something like that, I just replied “I took the stairs. Fitness!”

I had taken the stairs on the subway that day too!

Or, the numerous visa runs I did, and do, no doubt will in future too …

I’ll always remember the people on escalators staring at me as I motored up them steps, and they were lengthy stairs – HK is a hilly area!

Its foolish, the way these trolls do it, but hey – I love it. Makes me sales galore!

All that being said?

I love stairs, anything to do with stairs – step ups included (which aren’t like climbing stairs, but a somewhat close equivalent).

But look,  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

Nothing replaces SQUATS, and daily ones at that.

If you ain’t squatting, you simply aint training, its that simple – training RIGHT that is.

NOTHING replaces the “up and down” motion of squats, the way the lower abs work – that doesn’t mean other forms of training are “bad”.


Jumping Rope.

Walking, even!

All of it is great.

But if you’re too fat and lazy to do squats and substitute something “easier on your joints” so you dont need to lose weight – well, then you’re taking the lazy man’s way out my friend, unfortunately way too many people do that.

And that, my friend is that.

The one book I’d recommend for everyone – or two, in fact – this Christmas –

Advanced Hill Training – and Squat 101.

And of course, the 0 Excuses Fitness system, works whether you have steps, hills slopes, inclines or not around you – I currently have none of this, but stay in great shape nonetheless – so can YOU – if you DO the thing and dont just prattle on about rubbish.

And that, my friend is today’s message – or this one, at least.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee