Why taking people at FACE value is often not the right thing to do.
- Or, the smartest.

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I think I erred in saying “right” – perhaps I should say “smartest” or “best” or “most appropriate”.

Of course, that would require some one with brains and not mush to actually understand . . .

And it would require, for the most part, idiotic women to stay OUT Of this. I swear, women! Except my own daughter I can think of precious few women who do anything but moan, groan, and complain – my “wife” (so called) always doing the same thing as a certain Gorilla Girl does, moaning, groaning, bitching and pissing and complaining, my mom, all of them – the same, as Glenn from Oz once wisely said “all sisters living in the same house”.

Thankfully I dont live in that same house long term, most men choose to, when I live i it, I make sure I PROFIT from the lunacy and backstabbing and all these things that seem to be wired into female DNA and liberal “cant decide gender” retarded fuck wads.

But anyway – back to taking things literally – or not.

When I say something, it comes across as no surprise that a lot – if not MOST – of the fitness community sits up and takes NOTE.

If Rahul Mookerjee says something, well, then they WILL TAKE NOTE!

And they do.

Half have hiccups, 30% hissies, and the remainder of the rest – well, thats the smart bunch!

If Rahul Mookerjee does something in earnest, then that “thing” grows – as our very rapidly growing Youtube channel indicates!

Anyway, Squat 101 – easily the most popular book of the month thus far – even Amazon says so, hehe – notes wisely, sagely and rightly that “if you ain’t squatting, you aint training”.

People have taken this literally and gone to town on it.

Which is fine …

Back in the day, a loveable ole Matt Furey put out some grainy DVD’s on Combat Conditioning. Hehe.

A book that did really well, and the pushups section of this, I’ll always remember these two lines verbatim –

“You dont see the Hindu wrestlers do pull-ups”.

“All over the world, boxers and wrestlers do nothing but pushups, squats, and, and … bridging” (extempore Matt, hey – I get it – I’m the same damn way!)

And then this – “I’m not saying they’re no good. they ARE good, and you need to figure out a way to include them into your routine” …

Lots has been made of that.

Literally, statement #1 is false, I’ve said this many times – you DO see wrestler’s of all natures, Hindu or not – Olympic or pro – do pull-ups, do lots of pulling (especially the rope work the Hindu wrestlers do!!) – and so forth.

Matt did NOT mean it to be taken literally though.

Maybe he did not know Hindu wrestlers did pull-ups – I’m damn skippy sure he knew wrestlers did pull-ups and lots of them too! He used to be one himself, hehe.   (not to mention he was marketing a book with no pull-ups in it, of course, that would again require people with smarts to understand why it was done that way “in the flow”).

All over the world, you truly do see boxers doing PUSHUPS as the mainstay of their routine.

You truly see any serious athlete of any nature doing squats, period – no matter how hard they train legs otherwise or with other exercises.

Bridging, ditto.

Point of all this isn’t to diss or promote – indeed, with Matt, Ive always given him credit even in my books – not for the exercises themselves, neither him or me invented these.

Yes, for the idiots that claim otherwie, I’m very open about giving credit – in writing at that – when it’s due.

If Benny Boy is reading this?  (of course she is, hehe, goggling as I type, salivating, even)

Hey, your trolling benefited me more than you’d think bro! LOL – as did Glyn’s and so forth, I’ll expound more on this later.

Point is this -THINK About what, how and why the person is saying , do your due research on him or her – THEN arrive at an INFORMED opinion or conclusion.

Simply saying, like a certain nutter once did about my pushups at the fag end of a workout – “form! You need do them in proper form!”

Of course he was right – I say that all the time myself, and do them in form too, but look, if you’re doing real workouts, not 2 minute Tik Tok bursts, you’ll sometimes slack on form – it happens.

(and really, telling the bodyweight exercise Guru “Mr Handstand pushup” as I’ve been very rightly called … like teaching Mozart a thing or two about symphonies, or a white belt teaching Bruce Lee how to fight, or a fat man instructing others how to lose weight, and so forth, all utterly “aint happening”. Hehe).

More to the point?

That day, I was in a park, with projectiles all around me – so it seemed, with kids throwing Frisbees, dogs running riot, a cranky daughter swinging and so forth, and so I had my head UP – like in the UP version of the breast stroke so many people diss (yet, when you’re in the OCEAN – THAT fuckin works! You aint got no line to stare down at the ocean floor do ya?) – and looking around, rather to stop and think about it, he jumped to conclusions.

And thats fine, idiots will be .. well, as Rod Steiger famously said in the Specialist “idiota!”.

Do keep up the trolling.

But you smart ones reading this will know precisely why I’m saying this. Coz, from every standpoint, it needed to be said, hehe.

Thats that.

Be sure and pick up the FLAVOR OF THE SEASON right here – Squat 101.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Mrs Santa came to class today (my daughter) and gave them toffees.

I dont know if it’s “Shivani” Ma’am, or Pinky Maa’am or so forth, all made up to a T, they all look like models, not teachers, hehe.

Ah, that bad boy I am! But I thought it was funny, Mrs Santa – yours truly once became Santa in an English center too – a brown one, or whichever color I was at the time.

Ho, ho, ho and here’s to a very merry Christmas and a stupendously FAB holiday season ahead! (not that we take breaks around here. Always open for biz!)

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