Bodyweight squats vs Hindu squats 101
- This needs to be said - read and THOUGHT ABOUT.

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I knew there was a damn good reason I did not name the book “Squat Central”. Hehe. With Squat 102 firmly in the works, the reason has revealed itself to me now months down the line.

anyway ……………………………

One of the main reasons I’m writing this -and indeed, one of the driving factors behind coming out with Squat 101?

Is that the great BODYWEIGHT Squat, my friend, much like the REGULAR pushup has never till this date gotten it’s due.

Goblet squats, bulgarian squats, one leg squats, bodyweight, kettlebell, there’s so many variants – and the Hindu – they all have their place under the sun, yet not this great movement.


Well, great question!

Most people, my friend, are way weaker in the LOWER BACK – and core – but in the “arching backwards position!”

And if you closely analyze form behind the Hindu squats and pushups that are so damn popular (not wrongly so!) – you’ll see one thing that is hard to explain in words, but I’ve put it in a VIDEO .

It’s this – the former movement no matter how well you do it, especially when you start, even if you dont know it, will induce a slight arch in the lower back – even without trying, which isn’t bad at all – most people need to arch their back more – not less.

But …. for those of us with weak hamstrings, and there are plenty?

Well, for this lot – those of us that can bend BACKWARDS easier than forward (indeed this issue persists with me till this day, was the case when  I was at lardass status even) ?

You need a different sort of motion to strengthen the MID BACK – and the …………… HAMSTRINGS!

I’ve spoken galore about how important it is to train the BACK OF THE BODY.

Most focus on the front “what they can see”.

Chest, six pack, all that – which is fine, but unless you work the BACK of the body – back, upper back, hamstrings, core and such – and lower back – you’ll never see real and lasting results in the front of the body.

Thats one reason in 0 Excuses Fitness I keep saying, do the FRONT bridge as well!

Thats one reason I keep saying dont “just do Hindu pushups” in Pushup Central – REGULAR – and it’s variants -all need to be DONE!

Even me, until this day, I’ve got a natural arch in my back backwards, which is great if you’re doing Hindu pushups. It’s also a great way to shift focus OFF the hamstrings during some movements, which you dont want.

Any martial artist will tell you powerful kicks come from the hip, core and hamstring, not just the thighs.

Anyone thats done Hindu squats right will tell you they’re really not just taxing the thighs which most people “feel” – again, not wrongly, it should really be felt in other areas!

Anyway …….

There’s a lot to all this, lot that probably cannot be explained in one email or video.

As you do them, you will understand.

For now, remember, NEVER ever ignore the squat – and any of it’s variants, if you aint’ squatting, you ain’t training.

And – do the bodyweight squat -do it right, do it daily, do it for reps, always shoot to IMPROVE.

More in the video …

And thats that.

Get Squat 101 now – and start SQUATTING!


Rahul Mookerjee

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