Penny pincher pushups
- Or, pushups for penny pinching sorts ??

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The name I gave this pushup is sure to attract a lot of consternation and condemnation, much like the great “floor humper” did. Hehe.

But anyway, back in the day Bruce (a friend) and myself were talking about the different ingenious ways we could use “pinch a loaf” in a sentence or something (you can tell I really studied hard in college? Hehe) …

… It was something, I dont know, but we got onto the topic of pushups, and arm wrestling.

I still remember him saying the following –

“Nah, you could probably beat my ass at arm wrestling!”

Bruce at the time was your atypical skinny dude “asexual” he referred to himself as (me too, but clearly he was wrong there, heh – though there WAS a period in college I swore off girls I believe – more on that later – actually, wait, with my “no sex” vows even now? Anyway, different issue there, hehe) … I was pretty skinny too.

“You do pushups everyday though”, said Bruce.

Now, Bruce was one of those sorts who had a stunningly strong grip – I did not.

Tricep wise, I’d probably get the thumbs up at the time, but grip – nah – no way, not back then.

Now, it’s different but he had the sort of strength that comes from workin cars all your life – or maybe manual outdoor labor that requires  LOTS of gripping …

Ever shake an ironsmith’s hand, you’ll see. “smithy” as they call them in England, or “biffy” as ole Graeme Smith in SA is called. Some cricket on that last one!

An all time great, anyway, “Biff” aside,  we arm wrestled.

I lost.

Later, I arm wrestled an equally skinny Japanese dude.

I lost EVEN quicker.

Just goes to show, it is NEVER about size, admittedly arm wrestling is a lot more technique involved – in reality, a lot of the lengthy battles in movies like “Over the Top” are more fable than reality, most pro arm wrassling matches are over in a few seconds …

But either way, then “what about doing pushups when you have to pinch a loaf”, I quipped.

And for whatever reason we thought that insanely funny, with the requisite expressions and such!

Anyway – today – out there, I put together a great little video on one of the best types of pushups to do – wife grip pushups.

Ooops, I meant WIDE grip pushups, no pun or puns. Typos!

So these wife grip pushups are done with arms wide, except NOT as most people do ’em.

And wives, cranky or not (while doing these out there, a girl was sitting on the phone next to me whining about “do you love me or not”- and the dude, I can almost feel him tearing his hair out, hehe) … aren’t part of this.

Its a pushup – but for the lats.

Something I often say about push-ups, but especially for this variant – imagine you’re holding a penny tight between your shoulder blades as you go down – REALLY, really SQUEEZE the back muscles, really get your squeeze on.

Why – well, do it and you’ll know why.

And since I tell you to do it this way, I thought I’d name the pushup that – but actually it’s a great variant for everyone, penny pinching or not, hehe.

And that is that – more here –



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you have noticed the price for Pushup Central has gone up, but only the video variants. Well my friend, judging by how quickly these videos are flying off the digital virtual bookshelf, the price will go up MORE next year – so get your thang on while you CAN. FIVE tutorials, I believe, and a workout, and lots more, and then of course the world famous book in both pdf and Kindle. Enjoy!

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